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  • Summers, Possibly an RPG combo, and Maybe Some Detectives

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Summers, Possibly an RPG combo, and Maybe Some Detectives


So, Since I'm on here I figured I might as well write ONE blog entry.

Today I looked up the new, exciting, upcoming Winter 2012 anime line-up. WOW, is all I can say. Yes, the winter line-ups are usually a bit pitifull, but this is kind of rediculous. Is it me, or were there not as many new animes as usual?

In any case, the four that did interest me are:

Black Rock Shooter (TV). "YES!!!!!!!" is all i can really say to that. I think the story of how BRS came to be is pretty amazing though. Some epic dude out in the universe just drew some fan art for Miku and BAM! You've got this whole crazy movement! Well, I'm looking forward to it. The OVA was pretty good too (not to mention the animation was AMAZING).

Recorder to Randoseru. While I think elementary and high school students do NOT make good couples....you never know I guess. This looks...interesting. Kind of like a Detective Conan scenario, just minus the 627+ murder cases (haha). I'll watch this in my free time (...which might be never...but...)

Danshi Koukousei no Nichjou (Daily Lives of High School Boys). Maybe I've got bad taste, but this actually looked kind of interesting. Then again, boys' lives in high school told by a gag comedy like story might not be so great after all...eh heh heh... But who knows? I'll give it a shot.

Ano Natsu de Matteru. This has piqued my interest (Not to mention the animation looks A-MA-ZING)! While I'm not that much of a sucker for those slice-of-life romances; hey! this could be good. I'm looking forward to it.

On the other hand...

THEY MADE ANOTHER ZERO NO TSUKAIMA SERIES?! Geez, I never really thought it was that great of a show. Oh wait, it kinda isn't.

And on a different note...

Well, I'm on the late show, but I've finally hopped into the Professor Layton bandwagon. You can say I've become obbessed. I won't go on to long about it (because that would take up a lot of time...) but I've really fallen head over heels for it. If your the type you loves a good mystery case (such as yours truly), I'd go pick up Curious Village (or if your playing chronologically The Specter's Flute) as soon as possible!

Ah, while I'm going on about video games I might as well say I've also jumped on the Rune Factory bandwagon (why am I always on the late show for video games?) . This amazing series is for people (like me) who love boring life-sims with a bit of RPG. I won't go on much about this one either, but I absoulutely adore these games! I just picked up RF2, and I'm playing through Tides of Destiny (or Oceans if you prefer) and Frontier now as well. I can't wait to finish them >:3.

And so I end my rant-er, blog entry, here. If you actually read this, congrats. And if you're wondering, I wouldn't expect any more blogs 'cause I'm virtually the laziest girl on earth (no reference to Karina from RF3 by the way).

Thanks for listening!


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