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I remember I started watching Bleach because of how it was so popular. Whenever someone asked the question:"Whats a good action anime?" I remember that someone else would say "Bleach". I decided to give it a try.

I actually really enjoyed Bleach at first. The action was good, and the weapons were interesting. However, I soon realized that Bleach was just another one of those generic anime with 300+ episodes.

Characters: Wow. This anime probably has the most generic characters ever. I mean, there is no character developement, and the only guy who gets screen time is Ichigo! The only person who actually gets stronger is Ichigo. Oh, and the only person who really fights anyone is Ichigo. I mean, seriously? Where did all the other characters go? The creator of Bleach clearly didn't know what to do with all the characters. He just kept on adding more and more.


Animation/Audio: I have to admit that the animation isn't that bad. It isn't fantastic, but it isn't that bad.

The audio on the other hand is quite good. Well, the soundtrack for the action scenes are well made and admirable. The english dub isn't great, but it doesn't suck either. Some voice actors were better than others....


Story: Lets see... Dragon Ball Z's story is-- wait, did I say Dragon Ball Z? I mean't Naruto. No. Yu Yu Hakusho.... One piece?

The story/plot of Bleach is actually pretty bad. Lets see... when does the plot really sink in? Oh! Episode 252..... yeah...

Also, the different arcs in Bleach were all the same. I mean, in the first arc, he goes to save someone. He fights some people who are supposedly stronger than him. However, he thinks about saving his friends, which enables him to defeat his oppenents. Now lets see, doesn't that happen in the Bount arc, the Arrancar arc, and like, every other arc in Bleach? After the "save Rukia arc", I Bleach really started to disapoint me. I mean, sure, the arrancar arc has decent fight scenes, and the antagonists have interesting personalities, but everything was exactly the same.


Overall, Bleach is a pretty overrated anime. I know a lot of people are probably going to hate me for saying this, but, it is.

5/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
3/10 characters
5.3/10 overall
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AironNeil says...

The review sounds pretty good to me, even though the show does have a few points of interest that make it slightly better than what passes for average.

Sep 7, 2011
MOJ says...

I just might have to agree with both this review and the comment before me. Bleach isn't fantastic, it is merely watchable. I do admit i am enjoying it a bit but some things really bother me (like how the hell all of the characters can suddenly walk on air, fight on air, do freakin backflips ON air).

Secondly is like you said, all the other characters are useless. Ichigo is the only real fighter and the only one who develops. I hate when friends are useless and all they do is watch in awe from the sidelines and then regret not donig anything later. Or even if they do enter the fight, one kick/punch sends them into a comma.

Aug 7, 2011
firemage says...

I can relate to this.

I'm only up to ep 74 but I can already see that my opinion will be the same as yours. It's just an action version of The Young and the Restless or The Bold and the Beautiful. People watch it and get hooked and loose all credibility when they say how good it is.

Still, I need something looooong to watch while waiting for current shows to be released.


Aug 4, 2011