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Hi I'm Brad and as u can see i ilke watching dub/sub dont care as long i can watch the show

For me i started watching anime ever since i was 12 and i was first introduced with Inyuasha on adultswim. I also watched YU YU Hahusho, Trigun ,Fullmetal Alamist. These 4 shows is what started for me to like anime and its all because of adultswim. But it wasn't  until 2009 i really got into anime and started watching difernt shows i never heard of.                                         My Site: is open for everyone to look at  but feel free to look at my list, and my recommendations. I also tend to make more top lists baced on the same genres types like ones that are already on my site.

As for my Avatar Chizuru from Kanokon, my Favorit Anime Girl :) 

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completepsih May 8, 2010

navy...holy fuck that'd be something....but do you really think you'll have the time to watch anime in the navy...well gl at it i guess n.n....also about slideshows...i might just check them out but you should def try making amv's(anime music videos)...i would show you one i made but it's only viewable from romania sadly....when will you go in the navy btw?


MyImmortal May 6, 2010

thanks for the help. I appreciate any recommendations. I did quite enjoy to love-ru so I might check out girls bravo. Also you are free to check my list also

Galadriel May 6, 2010

i believe in something that is called "a perfect romance story" realistic, with different setting, it can be something like modern setting or even medieval/historical settings, dun get me wrong i like unrealistic types of romances, i liked stuff like Spice and Wolf which is one of my favorites or Clannad which is very dramatic yet extremely wonderful, something like Itazura na Kiss which in my opinion is another realistic romance, not like Nana but still its realistic, then again, i admit i tend to like unrealistic types mainly because most of them are romantic comedies, this ones usually have happy endings while realistic types sends alot of dozes of serious drama but their story and the way the characters are developed is way better than in a romantic comedy. Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora is another one that is so real, that u come to know the feelings and the grief of the characters, fortunately the ending was as expected, between happiness and sorrowfulness.

Girls Bravo was one of the first romantic comedies i watched and at that time it was my favorite, yet again this one is really unrealistic, DearS is similar with Girls Bravo too so here you have another recommendation.

Btw i see that completepsih let ya a list of recs here, what i really recommend ya to watch from those is Sekirei (the 2nd season will air this summer), School Days (the ending really made me like this one, not the romantic type of ending though more like a horror type but a doze of reality made this show seem like a well thinked masterpiece), Nogizaka Haruka (both seasons, funny and interesting, seeing 2 anime otaku's getting along), Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka (a good one, funny story but a incest type, the siblings are not blood related though, if you watch this one i recommend ya the Da Capo franchise, alot better), Shuffle! (i suggest watching only season 1 bcz season 2 sucked ass), Asu no Yoichi (not finished but it might get a sequel sooner or later), Inukami (extremely funny one yet the ending was kinda so-so didnt really hooked me up but i enjoyed it), They Are my Noble Masters (another funny one, incest, shoujo-ai combination, something that i kinda like)

Galadriel May 1, 2010

just read through my profile, you will find many good animes for different genres there, since your anime list is quite short x3 i can leave ya some recs here that might interrest ya

Since you like Bleach, i suggest u shud watch The Third, which is a crossover between Bleach, Gundam and To Aru Majutsu no Index, combining sword fighting, mecha battle, and magic techniques in a briliant manner and the result, a hidden gem, this anime was so good that it got awarded as the best anime bk in 2006 or 2007.

I see that you like romance animes, well most of the ones that you watch are pretty much, unrealistic types, mainly because they are awkward, stuff that are weird or almost impossible to happen in real life or simple, out of common. I suggest u shud try Nana, which is a modern romantic show, realistic, with funny characters but with such a good story that it will make u grab the screen and marathon it until the last episode, the result a true masterpiece, yet not underrated.