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Hi I'm Brad and as u can see i ilke watching dub/sub dont care as long i can watch the show

For me i started watching anime ever since i was 12 and i was first introduced with Inyuasha on adultswim. I also watched YU YU Hahusho, Trigun ,Fullmetal Alamist. These 4 shows is what started for me to like anime and its all because of adultswim. But it wasn't  until 2009 i really got into anime and started watching difernt shows i never heard of.                                         My Site: is open for everyone to look at  but feel free to look at my list, and my recommendations. I also tend to make more top lists baced on the same genres types like ones that are already on my site.

As for my Avatar Chizuru from Kanokon, my Favorit Anime Girl :) 

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Galadriel May 22, 2010

MU = megaupload and if you want to download it uncensored go to this site, make an account and then download torrents, a tip from me be sure that after the download is completed keep the torrent active so you can upload, bakabt is a site that requires ratio, a balance between download and upload just keep that there so you can maintain a decent ration because if your ratio gets lower you wont be able to download stuff from them.

On bakabt you can find almost everything you need, in high quality, Blu-Ray format series, you can also find manga to download, OSTs to download even hentai to download, however there are series that weren't uploaded there especially the ones which are licensed by Funimation.

Galadriel May 21, 2010

glad you liked it, well DearS idk if it will get a continuation it would be good though but i did not read the manga yet so idk if it can actualy get one x3 anyway im glad you loved it and here is another one which is damn funny and way better, Princess Lover! my favorite comedy/ecchi anime x3 be sure to watch the uncensored version you can find it on MU or torrents

completepsih May 21, 2010

yeah but it's not about what you's about the viewers oppinion...i watched the one with shakira...shewolf one...and the one with sumi amaendayo.

Galadriel May 21, 2010

go to search bar, write down the name of the anime, select it then head under the synopsis, you will see a bar with "screenshots, relations, reviews" and then you will see a list of characters, just click on it and then on the right side of each character there is a thing there where you can mark characters as favorites.

completepsih May 20, 2010

i did check two of them...however you should really consider making AMV's as they are much more viewed than slideshows