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about me

Hi I'm Brad and as u can see i ilke watching dub/sub dont care as long i can watch the show

For me i started watching anime ever since i was 12 and i was first introduced with Inyuasha on adultswim. I also watched YU YU Hahusho, Trigun ,Fullmetal Alamist. These 4 shows is what started for me to like anime and its all because of adultswim. But it wasn't  until 2009 i really got into anime and started watching difernt shows i never heard of.                                         My Site: is open for everyone to look at ( dont mind my rated R pic sorry if i bother u girls out there ) but feel free to look at my list, and my recommendations. I also tend to make more top lists baced on the same genres types like ones that are already on my site.

As for my Avatar and Signature that is Chizuru from Kanokon, my Favorit Anime Girl :) 

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graafnacula avatar graafnacula


Jun 18, 2010

Hahahah thanks;) I'll look it up :)

graafnacula avatar graafnacula


Jun 17, 2010

UUhm I like action, a great sci-fi serie is great aswell (like Stargate), uuhm I like Lost, it's a great show if you've got somthing like that it would be awesome aswell.

uuhm I espesially like action:) so that kind of stuff :) and thanks already:)

graafnacula avatar graafnacula


Jun 11, 2010

Which anime and which other shows do you like??

And I'll introduce myself ;)

Hi, I'm graaf, 15 years old and from the netherlands:)

MyImmortal avatar MyImmortal


Jun 7, 2010

iight cool thanks i'll check them out

MyImmortal avatar MyImmortal


Jun 4, 2010

Sorry for late response, but sure I would like to see the images link me to it

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