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Hi, there!  I like to draw, I'm a big anime fan, and I have autism!  It can be difficult at times, but others, it lets me hyperfocus on things (which can be good and bad; it's good if it's something enjoyable, and bad if it's something scary).

I believe this is the reason my anime tastes change so often; every couple months or so, I get a new favorite anime.  Sometimes, animes that used to be favorites of mine resurface, and I focus on those.  Focusing on it means writing and drawing, too.

Actually, if it wasn't for anime, I never would have learned how to draw.  And the ability to hyperfocus, too.  So, in this case, I'm thankful for both.  ^^

I'm a really harsh critic on anime, and something has to really wow me to get 5 stars.  Some animes, I can't remember what they were about, so I either didn't rate them or gave them a generic 2-star rating.  If they can't leave an impact on my mind, it's not worth much.

I take plot, characters, and re-watchability value into rating an anime.  Do the characters develop?  Does the plot work?  Does it fall into "Dragonball Z Syndrome" and get overpowered?  Is it clear enough for people to understand?

Those are the things I consider when I rate an anime.  If I enjoyed it a lot, I'd recommend it.  If it's taking too long to get to the main point, or there are mysteries that should have been explained or at least hinted about seasons ago, the rating goes down.  If the plot gets static and the characters don't grow, I typically drop an anime.  I also drop anime or manga if it doesn't interest me like I thought it would.

I'm currently in the process of writing more reviews for anime I've seen both in the past and recently.  Since I've been watching anime since the 90's, that's a lot of ground to cover.  XD

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SexualHorses Aug 16, 2011

Sounds like Negima?! is gonna be a trip *.* Has like so many genres. I think I'll give it a watch. Since I'm so curious about light novels..I'm gonna buy the Strawberry Panic collection when I go to Barnes & Nobles XD

I never really noticed, but Barnes & Nobles is a really great place to get manga and anime. Never would have expected that.

SexualHorses Aug 14, 2011

What exactly is an light novel? Is it somewhat like manga? I've been looking around an I've noticed a lot anime have light novels an manga. I thought they were the same.

I was actually planning on watching Negima?! Hm Does it have any romance?

Yes! They give like the whole show away. I never learn my lesson -.- I always go to Wikipedia XD I try to be so cautious on that site, but the spoilers pop up out of nowhere!

SexualHorses Aug 13, 2011

Do you actually read the random manga? XD I always have to do reasearch, before I read anything....Or watch haha I'm really picky with anime and manga.

What's your favorite anime and manga? ^.^

ScreamingMustard Aug 13, 2011

You're welcome!

Ah well, I can understand that. Some ships are great to support as wacky as some can be. They are nice are the characterization, I have to admit that they did do well with it. ...I remember wanting to watch it just because there was a guy with blue hair. odd reason.

Well, to me it sounds very difficult for you. I'm just curious here (maybe too curious) so if you don't want to answer that's fine. I don't want to sound too nosey. Ehe. Er. So, lets say someone talked to you and you were doing something at the time, would you ignore them without realising it or would you stop what where you doing?

ScreamingMustard Aug 8, 2011

Hey, welcome to Anime-Planet. I hope you enjoy it here!

Hiyokoi avatar! That's a good anime is that one in my personal preference. Nice choice! Do you like a lot romance anime or is it just a one off type thing-y?

Oh, Autism. I know a little about that, I've just been researching it recently. My little brother seems to have a little case of it from what we've been told, nothing too serious, but he does the whole "focus on one thing and only that" then ends up knocking something over forgetting the surroundings constantly.