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Hunter x Hunter 333 (manga)

25 JAN

So, eagerly awaiting this week's Hunter x Hunter chapter...I'm sure I wasn't the only one disappointed.

To be honest, I really don't care what's happening with the council over what's going on with Gon and Kilua.  They've been the main leads since the beginning, and everything else was pretty much background noise after Greed Island.

The stuff with the Hunter council or whatever doesn't interest me in the slightest, as it's POLITICS.  Yea, politics in the HxH world, but still politics.  Politics goes over my head, and all of the stuff surrounding it is the same.

It's not just politics, but too much dialogue within the politics.  Even when I used to read comic books of X-Men and Marvel Heroes, I never liked the lengthy amounts of dialogue.  Anime was able to get rid of about half that dialogue with facial expressions and the way the characters hold themselves.

However, when characters are just sitting around and talking about an election or debating during an election with blocks of dialogue, it turns me (and probably other readers) off even more than just an election.

There seems to be some mind games going on within it, but they're so shrouded with the blocks of text that I can't even enjoy the witty banter between characters and the dog-girl trying to outwit the rat-guy.

That plays a big role in not understanding it, too, because I didn't care enough to learn their names, so when they're talking about who will get the majority of votes, the only name in there that I recognize is Leorio's.

It had looked like, from the last chapter, that we would be seeing a change in what's going on with Gon and Kilua, and that Gon would be healed this chapter.


It was put off yet again...I can't even say for sure that we'll see him healed in the next chapter, because 3/4 of the chapters seem dedicated to the election that frankly bores the hell out of me.

Yes, Leorio's role and the fact that he was nominated quite randomly is pretty cool, but it's just not interesting.  Even as he was telling them, Leorio is more interested in healing Gon than running the council or the Hunter Association or whatever it is they're doing over there.

And...Kurapika?  Where's he at, anyway?  I didn't particularly like the Cell...I mean, the Ant saga.  In fact, I think the series was doing just fine until that arc hit.  It was that arc that made me stop reading, not the hiatus that the mangaka went on due to illness.

Typically, I don't insult Hunter x Hunter, but the Ant saga was awful and overpowered, and it started to give the series that "one man show" sort of feel (as Gon decided to go alone to face the leader...who was dying anyway?  Like I said, I didn't really read much of that arc).

Now, it's become a lot of stalling and politics.  The only reason I'm still reading it every week is because I want to see what happens with Gon, Kilua, and that whole thing with Kilua's sister.

I'm just reading those pages, so all in all, reading this week's chapter took less than a minute or two since the focus is on what's happening with the Hunter Association.

Putting tags to this entry, it's hard to call this manga "shounen" anymore...if I, an adult, am not interested in political dealings, then the age demographic that this series is actually aimed for will most likely also not be interested in the blocks of text and political campaigning.

In fact, I gave it a "political" tag because that's what the last few chapters have been about.  Well, that and Hisoka destroying Kilua's butlers and servants, but yea...

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