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Cardfight Vanguard 50

23 DEC

Gonna keep this short and sweet:  FINALLY!!

The long awaited episode, and I'm glad that they didn't draw it out.  To be honest, I expected the fight to go on another half an episode when I anticipated it at around episode 42, so I was pleasantly surprised that it finished in one episode (plus a little from the previous episode).

I loved Kai's attitude through the entire fight; he didn't have to say a word until that final bout, and it all still kept getting to Aichi.  The new Royal Paladin card was a great little extra to add, and when the music kicked in...

...it's been a while since an anime has made me clap and cheer, but that did it.  Kai/Blaster Blade talking to Aichi, and Aichi realizing the courage he had gained previously and what he still wants...

It was great.

Kai managed to do for Aichi what he couldn't for Ren; I still feel a bit bad for Ren, but I'm sure they'll clash in the tournament, and Aichi will do for Ren what Kai did for him.

That, or the mystery person spoken of in PSY is going to pop up; we still don't really know what PSY is there for.  If it wasn't for Kourin, who was apparently "meddling", then Aichi would still be walking the dark path.

I'd been waiting since psyqualia started to come into play for Aichi to walk the path of the light while Ren walked the path of darkness...it's the staple of shounen, light vs dark (typically; there are a few series I've seen that blur the boundaries).  So, Aichi is finally walking the path of psyqualia that includes "light".

Honestly, I think that any fangirls that watched this episode would have squeed a bit if Kai just touched Aichi on the head after the fight (when it sounded like Aichi was trying not to cry), even if he pulled back again right away.  But, eh, that's what fanart and fanfiction is for.

Maybe I'll draw something in commemoration of what should have happened eight episodes ago.  Thing is, my stuff tends to have vibrant colors, and I'd want a more pastel-look to it...

Anyways, this entry isn't for me to ramble about my experimentations in drawing, it's about the anime.  I'm much more interested in the anime again now that things are back to normal.

It'll probably be a long time before we find out exactly what PSY is there for, and that "him" that was mentioned...it took a frustratingly long amount of time for them to name the mysterious "power" as psyqualia, after all.

Still, I'm satisfied for now, since Aichi is back to normal, and Kai got to redeem himself and grow as a character (and just be plain awesome).

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