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Cardfight Vanguard 64

23 MAR

Well, I'd predicted that the Aichi vs Ren fight would continue for at least two episodes, but I didn't expect them to draw it out THIS much.

There were times in the past when this series frustrated me (like all of the episodes when Aichi was under the influence of Psyqualia, which went on much longer than it should have gone on), but this time, I just wanted to reach through and smack the stupid writers upside their heads.

When Aichi first fell into Psyqualia mode again, and everyone was like "oh, no!", I figured...hey, this would be a great time for him to accept it and learn how to use it without becoming all evil and all.

Instead, he goes and becomes evil again...for longer than necessary, before Kai FINALLY shouts at him and wakes him up.

Before he gets woken up by Kai (again), we have to go through this background exposition in the MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING FIGHT about what I'm sure most fans have figured out by now.

I figured it out about thirty episodes or so ago...that Cray is real, and there's either a war brewing on it or spreading chaos, and PSY is looking for people to help save their world.

This was one of the first times I skipped over about...what...four to five minutes of footage that wasn't a flashback.  That explanation was just badly timed; it should have been shown after the fight or before the fight, not in the middle.

It's bad to break up an action scene or huge showdown with any sort of exposition.  Yea, sometimes bad guys will preach in the middle of a fight, but that was on the battlefield; this wasn't.  Bad timing, writers.

So, Aichi finally wakes up, and we have to go through even MORE flashbacks that had me skipping ahead...at this point, I'm completely ticked off.  The episodes had been getting much better lately, then this piece of shit episode (pardon my language) was thrown at us.

Great for fans of Evil!Aichi, but I picked this anime up because the protagonist wasn't the usual go-getter hot-headed idiot that's typical of shounen anime/manga.  Psyqualia pretty much turns them into an evil go-getter, not to mention warping their personalities so you're smacking your forehead and going "IDIOT" aloud.

It looks like the resolution to Aichi's personal battle with Psyqualia will resolve in the next episode (thank goodness), though I won't hold my breath on the fight actually finishing if they continue to draw it out with talking (either Ren taunting Aichi, PSY chatting it up, or flashbacks that we've seen over and over again).

Maybe it will finish next episode...to finish this season on episode 65 would be optimal (it's a nice, round number), but they're making that difficult on themselves, and I'm worried that the finale is going to be crammed and rushed after being drawn out to the point of DBZ-style tumbleweeds.

The next episode LOOKS like it'll be good, but then again, from the preview, this episode had looked like it was going to be good, and it was just awful.  Again, not just because of Evil!Aichi, but because of the background exposition that took up a good chunk of the episode (well, that wasn't taken up by taunting, talking, or flashbacks, at least).

Just when I think this series has finally gotten its act together, it goes and pulls this.  Very, very disappointed with this latest stall-fest they dare call an "episode".

...is there a tag for "tumbleweeds"?  This anime has always been good at stalling and drawing out an episode so thin that you can cut it with the edge of a piece of paper, but this episode takes the cake.

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