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I'm kind of a closet anime fan.  I'm out all day with my friends, their all punk kids...ugh, always with the drugs and alcohol.  but when i get home, im up till 4-5 in the morning watching anime.  so i guess you can say i have trouble sleeping.  but im your average college student who failed all his classes first semester :P

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Kanu1987 says...

Yes, Skate 2 is much better than the first Skate. There's just so much to do on it. XD And I just liberated Alaska on Fallout. Can't wait for the downloadables for L4D though!!! X3

Feb 10, 2009
IchiNaru says...

Great Top 5 Anime List !

Jan 23, 2009
teothunder says...

i know right hinata shld get more air time :D

Jan 17, 2009
Wright says...

ahah I've done that many times XD Who needs sleep when there's anime to watch?

Jan 16, 2009
xGAARAx4EVERx says...

welcome to anime planet!!!

Lol, i used to be a in-the-closet anime fan. then i got closer to this one girl. i knew her but she was more of an acquaintaince (i probably screwed up that spelling) and then me, her and 2 other friends were at a sleepover and i admitted i liked anime. and then the one acquaintaince girl admitted it too and me and her have been best friends since and our other two friends looked at us like we were crazy. then we got them into anime for awhile...but now they arent much anymore. but me and my best friend now love anime. haha!

Jan 16, 2009