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love to watch anime, play games, write poetry.

new here, uhm what is this place 4? do u get to watch anime here.?


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I adore these characters


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FireFlower Mar 5, 2009

Welcome to Anime-Planet!

Bloodyred Mar 4, 2009

i made the backgorund myself

Talburt Mar 4, 2009

Welcome to AP!  Its great you found this place even though your not sure what its used for.  I use it to find new anime to watch, keep track of ones I've seen, and to see if anime I've heard of is actually worth watching.  I especially love the rocommendations, allows me to watch anime that similar to ones I've really enjoyed.  If you ever have questions feel free to ask :)

DocPsychoWife Mar 4, 2009

The site is here so you can kept track of the anime and magas that you have watched and read, the ones you want to watch and so on. You don't watch the anime here although there are sites online that let you watch for free. You can google the name of the anime you want to watch and it will come up with sites that will let you watch. I am currently watching .Hack//sign on Veoh for example. Enjoy your stay and dont worry, you will figure it out.