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Introductions are always the most difficult task I face with any community that I become a part of, hehe :)

My name is mariprosa-a combination of the Spanish terms "mariposa" (butterfly) and "rosa" (rose)-so you could say it means "rosy butterfly". I'm soon to be 25 years old and a college student-always busy. I've watched anime for more than 10 years (give or take, because way back when I didn't even know Sailor Moon was anime-that was pretty much my gateway series aside from Cowboy Bebop). Since then, I've seen a lot of series-that being a gross understatement, but I think of anime as one of my active hobbies.

I love reading, creative writing, volunteering, playing sports (favorites are soccer, swimming and basketball), hanging out with friends and family, and I'm a bit of a calm, free-spirited person. I love meeting new people as well :) I'm from the United States, speak a few languages (Japanese is something I'm trying to learn on my own-and it's going okay, but not as much since I don't have a lot of time-but I get practice from watching anime too-so it's a plus)-Spanish, French, very little Portugese, and I know Latin and Greek to some extent. So you can say I'm very open-minded with everything I approach.

With anime-I'm a combination of being constructively critical and also consider it as something to freely enjoy. There are some series I have biases against (harem series, usually), while I have biases for others I really, really enjoy (slice of life), but I set those aside and will pretty much watch most things you put on my plate-just as long as its not too OTT.

Well, that's me in a nutshell.  I'm glad to be a part of A-P, even if I don't find myself on here as much as I would like. ^_^

General note for my reviews: anything above an 8 I'd classify to be a favorite and a definite recommendation to watch. Anything between 7-8 are definitely good series, but probably had one or two kinks to it. Series in the 6 range are decent watches, definitely worth watching once, but might be more oriented towards specific audiences. Series that are in the 5 range, I personally don't care for them, and had points to pick, but I wouldn't rule them out in the recommendation range because there were points that they may, or may not have done well. Some of the series in my 5 range I actually enjoyed on a base level, but not enough to really hit home with me, or I found it too trite/cliched.

Below 5...and I probably will review a few series that reached this point... little to no value for me, unfortunately. I hate saying that, because I don't really like to give too many series the boot, but some of the series I've watched, in the 10+ years I've watched anime, go beyond the series in this range.

Updated 7/12/2009

Pending reviews:

Banner of the Stars, Master Keaton

Reviews I want to do in the future:

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni

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VivisQueen Dec 24, 2008

Merry Christmas, Mariprosa!!! Have a really great one and hope your studies have gone wonderfully. :)

VivisQueen Dec 12, 2008


It's called FOOTBALL! When a Brit starts using the term soccer as if it were natural, that's when it's all doomed!

therik Dec 11, 2008

Hi there,

Thanks for the comment! In terms of Azumanga Daioh characters, they're all great,  to be honest. I did start trying to think of who my faovurite character was, but my mental process went something like "Osaka... no, wait, Yukari-Sensei. No, no, it's Chiyo-Chan... but Kimura's awesome too... and Sakaki..." Yeah,  basically they're all great. Can't pick.

Read your profile, and you seem to be similar to me in terms of language-freakery. I speak fluent French and Spanish, a bit of Italian, and I'm learning Japanese too. It's a little shaky atm, but I'm getting there. And Latin. Can't forget Latin =P. Is languages your current area of study, or just something you happen to have learnt in your spare time?

Oh, and a huge thumbs-up for playing soccer. What position do you normally play? I love a bit of soccer, me. I'm a little bit crap at playing, but it's always fun.

Lastly, good call on having Talim as an avatar. Random flying speed crazy haracters are win.

Talk to you later, perhaps


valondar Dec 11, 2008

Thanks. Likewise, I adore Monster and Gankutsuou and I've been meaning to check out the other three series in your top five (especially Nodame Cantabile).

namine14 Dec 6, 2008

Ur welcome.:)