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Introductions are always the most difficult task I face with any community that I become a part of, hehe :)

My name is mariprosa-a combination of the Spanish terms "mariposa" (butterfly) and "rosa" (rose)-so you could say it means "rosy butterfly". I'm soon to be 25 years old and a college student-always busy. I've watched anime for more than 10 years (give or take, because way back when I didn't even know Sailor Moon was anime-that was pretty much my gateway series aside from Cowboy Bebop). Since then, I've seen a lot of series-that being a gross understatement, but I think of anime as one of my active hobbies.

I love reading, creative writing, volunteering, playing sports (favorites are soccer, swimming and basketball), hanging out with friends and family, and I'm a bit of a calm, free-spirited person. I love meeting new people as well :) I'm from the United States, speak a few languages (Japanese is something I'm trying to learn on my own-and it's going okay, but not as much since I don't have a lot of time-but I get practice from watching anime too-so it's a plus)-Spanish, French, very little Portugese, and I know Latin and Greek to some extent. So you can say I'm very open-minded with everything I approach.

With anime-I'm a combination of being constructively critical and also consider it as something to freely enjoy. There are some series I have biases against (harem series, usually), while I have biases for others I really, really enjoy (slice of life), but I set those aside and will pretty much watch most things you put on my plate-just as long as its not too OTT.

Well, that's me in a nutshell.  I'm glad to be a part of A-P, even if I don't find myself on here as much as I would like. ^_^

General note for my reviews: anything above an 8 I'd classify to be a favorite and a definite recommendation to watch. Anything between 7-8 are definitely good series, but probably had one or two kinks to it. Series in the 6 range are decent watches, definitely worth watching once, but might be more oriented towards specific audiences. Series that are in the 5 range, I personally don't care for them, and had points to pick, but I wouldn't rule them out in the recommendation range because there were points that they may, or may not have done well. Some of the series in my 5 range I actually enjoyed on a base level, but not enough to really hit home with me, or I found it too trite/cliched.

Below 5...and I probably will review a few series that reached this point... little to no value for me, unfortunately. I hate saying that, because I don't really like to give too many series the boot, but some of the series I've watched, in the 10+ years I've watched anime, go beyond the series in this range.

Updated 7/12/2009

Pending reviews:

Banner of the Stars, Master Keaton

Reviews I want to do in the future:

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni

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wolfangel87 Nov 25, 2007

Rosy butterfly!  I LOVE it, that is so interesting how you came up with your name!

What are you studying in school?  I am also a college student and am currently studying history and classics! 

Nice to meet you!  I hope to be able to talk to you more, from your bio you sound very interesting! 

Sheex Nov 24, 2007

Rosepetals!  Great to see you onboard.  =)

1010rikku Nov 23, 2007

I know what you mean!!! I changed mine a few times before settling on this one. It fits my charater perfectly, cute yet twisted lol

Have a great day! 

1010rikku Nov 21, 2007

Hello!! We have exchanged in the forum and decided to stop by and spy on you a little Check out your bio, your anime list, top 5...hummm lol

Great bio, I love people who take the time to tell others a little about themselves *looks at her own disapointed*

You seem like a really cool person, I hope to see you around the forums some more!!

*makes mental note* gotta see Monster... 

sothis Nov 21, 2007

I know you! ^_^

Whew, I've been super busy recently, but I promise to email you back very shortly about the reviews :D