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VivisQueen Dec 24, 2008

Merry Christmas, Mariprosa!!! Have a really great one and hope your studies have gone wonderfully. :)

VivisQueen Dec 12, 2008


It's called FOOTBALL! When a Brit starts using the term soccer as if it were natural, that's when it's all doomed!

therik Dec 11, 2008

Hi there,

Thanks for the comment! In terms of Azumanga Daioh characters, they're all great,  to be honest. I did start trying to think of who my faovurite character was, but my mental process went something like "Osaka... no, wait, Yukari-Sensei. No, no, it's Chiyo-Chan... but Kimura's awesome too... and Sakaki..." Yeah,  basically they're all great. Can't pick.

Read your profile, and you seem to be similar to me in terms of language-freakery. I speak fluent French and Spanish, a bit of Italian, and I'm learning Japanese too. It's a little shaky atm, but I'm getting there. And Latin. Can't forget Latin =P. Is languages your current area of study, or just something you happen to have learnt in your spare time?

Oh, and a huge thumbs-up for playing soccer. What position do you normally play? I love a bit of soccer, me. I'm a little bit crap at playing, but it's always fun.

Lastly, good call on having Talim as an avatar. Random flying speed crazy haracters are win.

Talk to you later, perhaps


valondar Dec 11, 2008

Thanks. Likewise, I adore Monster and Gankutsuou and I've been meaning to check out the other three series in your top five (especially Nodame Cantabile).

namine14 Dec 6, 2008

Ur welcome.:)