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kyuuketsukii says...

Hi, nice avatar, Talim, my favourite character from the SC games.

Nice top ten, Now and then, Here and there, love it, Shu was one hell of a  main character, he also had some crazy skills with that stick. 

Jun 14, 2009
Nervebreaker says...

well i asked my friend about it and gave me a almost reasonable answer. But when u finish it just let me know so i can ask u about ur conclusion as to why.

ps is that When they cry? ur top list is awesome it's just that i can't handle some of the scenes and scenarios....except for Berserk i really loved it and that's y it's on my top.

May 23, 2009
ElementEighty says...

Thank you for an excellent review of Kurenai, if i had hadn't read it i would have missed a great show.


May 13, 2009
Nervebreaker says...

   Hey Ms M can i ask u a question pls?

That Toradora anime....have u seen it yet? I dnt wanna spoil it if u haven't so pls tell me first. Coz there's a key scene on the ending that doesn't make sense to me.


kk ty ty

Mar 29, 2009
Kilplow says...

I was really, really impressed with it.  Kurenai is definitely the type of show you don't appreciate until you've seen the entire thing and think about it.  I thought the ending was really bad at first, but then I realized it was the only possible good ending--and I started looking back and seeing symbolism everywhere in the story.  I really think it may have been one of the best anime I've seen, when I review my top 5, it will certainly have a spot there!  So I was really thankful I gave it a look and in turn thankful of your review!



Mar 5, 2009