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dmxmdz says...

came across on one of your reviews, SD in particular and wanted to say I agree pretty much with it. also I feel that we have same taste in anime (romance,drama,slice of life) so i'm looking forward to chat with you in the near future.

May 18, 2010
Nervebreaker says...

Glass Mask 2005 has been subbed btw

Feb 4, 2010
Aeshia says...

Thank you very much for the great reviews, I've come across quite a few of yours. I also really like your avatar. Take care!

Sep 15, 2009
VivisQueen says...

Hey there, mariprosa. Left you feedback in your Rental Magica and Keaton reviews. It's mostly technical stuff and cuts. Anyway, hope it's helpful.

Aug 1, 2009
SilverSwift says...

Ahh, you are far too kind :) thank you very much, though I hope to eventually put slightly more on my profile, like yours...! Hope that you're having a good week so far, take care!

(Can't wait to see your Banners of the Stars review either, another one I'd love to watch :P)

Jul 23, 2009