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tman333 Nov 19, 2007

Yes omg, I loved Trigun so much <3, that anime made me laugh so much at the beginning, then at the end the story got all dramatic and intense, plus the action scenes were great too.  Gotta love Vash, hilarious and goofy, yet extremely bad ass all at once.

 And yes ^^ I just have that much more to look forward to! :D I'm workin on it ;P Though being in college and all it's tough to find time to sit down and watch much anime ^^ Usually only have enough free time on weekends and such to watch a good amount. 

 Havn't seen anything on your top 5 myself except for some of FMA, which is another one on my list to watch, what I've seen so far has been great.

tman333 Nov 19, 2007

Saw your intro thread and im just stoppin by to say hey and welcome to AP! :D Great profile too, you have an impressive resume of anime, especially compared to mine! XD All ya need now is an Avatar and a signature! ^^

Brank Nov 18, 2007

Nice. I too play soccer with my university team but level B only, watching hockey because this is the place where hockey is king. I must say that in your intro thread you got really good activities beside anime, a lot of these are the same for me begining with school YEAAAA!!! . 

Again, welcome to AP.^_^ 

Brank Nov 18, 2007

Where are you from mariprosa?  If you are from America, I hope you enjoy hockey too. Nice top 5 by the way.

Brank Nov 17, 2007

Welcome welcome and enjoy it here!!!!