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Pharzy Oct 23, 2008

i just read you bio, i thought you put prosa on your name as a writting style in spanish literature xD am i rong?

Pharzy Oct 23, 2008

zomg i luv your user name!! is so poetic <3+++

plasticheart Oct 23, 2008

Hey! I love your top ten ! Honey andf Clover is amazing, its good to see someone who has seen it ^-^

Could you help me, since you do lots of reveiws? I have been wanting to start reviewing on this site for ages, but I can't work out where to send my reviews to and I cant find any email adresses on this site to help ;_;

Any tips?

sothis Oct 20, 2008

A compelling and delightful read - thanks for the Antique Bakery review!

Oehr Oct 18, 2008

hey there!

whats the name of the anime/manga/manhwa in your sig?