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your calescence possible your practitioner does have a success rate and doing searches doesn't need his patience lug through those searchers and how do you find so the reason why that's such a delicate topic such a delicate topic because medical examiner’s office is also par connects to that type of surgery and nurses generally on the back door is I'm able to actually hand any here with that because they're to service do the surgery that was definitely how could I say without making by state was not clearly define with and the scope of practice along with the clinicians going to care for the patient afterwards the patient this then about with just that medical choice how the clip so we want to see if we can bridge the two gas together that gap and Safer Colon medical examiner's office medical profession surgeons hard users wall with the nurses surgical nurse ICU nurse surgical ICU nurse that's going to care for you come across X as assets romances practice that these decisions have to be clearly define its patient's best interest have clinician nurse that SJ specialists in that area to give their from factual base on outcomes those hopefully the next episode will be able to cover some of those have nurse practitioners that have been go yes and how my sister article nurses use to man I see views these nurses were licensed practical nurses who have eBooks work and I see use many years ago now the phased out registered nurses handling same was licensed practical nurses just used practical degree wise of course they did not have that degree but they were definitely carrying out the pathways that would the favorably our so hopefully we'll be able to carry on this conversation exist.

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