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I'm 16 years old and a girl. I've watched anime for as long as I can remember ! The very first one I watched was Inuyasha and I fell in love with it at a young age. Feel free to add me(:

All time favorite animes are:

Soul Eater

Rurouni Kenshin


Fairy Tail


Fruits Basket

Fushigi Yuugi

Angel Beats!

Howl's Moving Castle

Spirited Away

Favorite Manga:

Kamisama Hajimemashita

Koukou Debut

Hana to Akuma

Strobe Edge

Stardust Wink

Say I Love You

Fairy Tail

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Otaku108 says...

heya, hmm recomendations eh? tough call but I do see a certain similarity to our tastes so perhaps I can help ya a bit. I'll first go with my #1 most recomended show Seirei no Moribito and #2 on my top 10 favorite anime of all time. You might consider that a standardized title to give out from me but I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it.

Now more gear'd towards both our tastes I'd have to say Toradora! is a must see if you've not already done so (ah, on closer inspection I see it's in your currently watching list). Another would be Chobits, a cute and endearing story with wonderful visuals, especially for it's era.

Beyond this... I'd have to see what you're opinions were of these few suggestions first before giving out anymore. Looking at your favorite and least favorite genre lists I see you're about as random as I am with what anime we actually enjoy. Even though you're not a fan of sci-fi and ecchi you do have a few titles in there that you've given a rather generous rating for. I know I've done the same for mecha and horror shows I've seen either by accident or due to a strong recomendation from a friend.

Anyway, I digress... I hope these you find to your liking and if so feel free to ask for more. If you're feeling particularly brave you could take any random title from my Top Anime List which are all titles I've rated to atleast 4 stars or higher. You'll see some familiar titles there yourself but undoubtedly some you've never heard of and would be worth your time to at least check out.



Jun 30, 2012
PsychedelicDream says...

Hey! Thanks for the comment ^-^ I'd be happy to add you!

Jun 22, 2012
roriconfan says...

You wrote a review and not your opinion. Learn the difference and cut the profanity.

Jun 21, 2012