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Fairy Tail

18 JUN

I think Fairy Tail deserves a 10/10. I believe this because to me, it's great all around. I love the story arks, the characters personalities, the ending songs, the opening songs, and the art.

Even though I'm not the biggest fan of the most recent story ark, I understand that they have to have something to show us while the manga gets further in the story line. Hell, the way I see it is that it will give me more time to get excited when the anime finally does get back on track ! I'd rather have something new in Fairy Tail then nothing at all! I'm really looking forward to the Grand Magic Tournament!

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Fairy Tail user review by marebear1234001

Fairy Tail

overall score: 10/10

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User Review Scores

  • Story 10/10
  • Animation 10/10
  • Sound 8/10
  • Characters 10/10
  • Overall 10/10

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roriconfan avatar roriconfan
Jun 18, 2012

I think this is not a review but a fangasm. And lol at the story being a 10 when there is no plot.

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