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Characters in need of being eradicated from the face of the earth

The title says it all. Honorable mentions go to the entire Minami family of Minami-ke, for obvious reasons. And you'll call me heartless, but I'm sorry, the Clannad duo are going down!

Fave characters

So yeah. Since this is AP and not MAL, we usually have fun by loving nearly any character we come across who strikes us as remotely cool/funny/awesome/whatever. Well, I do at least. So here's the list of my absolute top faves. Ps, don't ask me why...

Greatest badasses out there

What you read is what you get. Sorry Mifune and Zoro, but Wolfwood's cross-gun is WAY cooler!

Top 12 awesome yet underrated or lesser known manga

(Haruhi-chan and Wanted are low on the list because they're already pretty well-known. Samurai High School didn't make the list for the same reason.)