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Dec 17, 2010

What starts out as a fun, unique blast outside of the norm quickly becomes a pretentious, insipid, vapid and repetitive wander through pointlessness in an attempt to find something resembling a plot.

The plot it finds? A shallow rehash of Shaman King's overall premise, with lame and distracting Stan Lee cameos that only reaffirm just how terrible the writing is. It's always cheesy, but never the good kind - it takes so bad it's good one stop beyond until it's just wallowing in the depths of absolute horridity.

The dialog is the worst part, worse than even Bakuman's romantic moments. A line will start out with little potential, but fails to be anything but pretentious and increasingly stupid. It tries to be cryptic, but fails even to be confusing. It's the problem I had with Code Geass: Suzaku of the Counterattack's technical explanations - the babble is understandable, and when you can see what they're see you suddenly understand just how insipid and meaningless it all is.

The characters range from standing in the corner drawn in a confusing manner to kind of having a personality.

Everything ruins the interesting - albeit too simple - premise. Not even Mr. Takei's gorgeous art redeems it.



What You'll Like:


An interesting premise that's not afraid to break out of the box.

A neat and original introduction that sucks you in.

Absolutely gorgeous art, especially in color.


What You Won't Like:


Absolutely horrid, pretentious, vapid dialog making up the majority of the manga.

Almost nonexistent characters.

A story that tries way too hard to be complex.

A story that never really lands its feet in deciding what it wants to be, ruining an interesting premise.

Numerous plot holes, introduced in the heat of lame battles.

Bad pacing that doesn't contribute to any plot effects what so ever.

It wants to introduce new things so much it never resolves other things, rushes around and feels like a two year old has some ideas but never ever uses them.


Final Verdict:





0.1/10 story
8/10 art
0.1/10 characters
2.7/10 overall
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