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Fall 2011 Impressions

20 OCT

NOTE: Originally posted on r/anime. Cross-posted to my MAL and LiveJournal.

This season has actually surprised me thus far. I went into it expecting to watch maybe 3 or 4 series. I've ended up with 8 series, and I don't feel inclined to drop any of them at this point. I will note that I am still suffering from Tiger & Bunny hangover, so nothing has quite matched up.

Ben-To :I picked this up on a friend's suggestion, and on the fact that it had a bizarre concept. It's really quite funny, and kind of bad-ass. Who really expected it to be like some sort of fight club for half-priced food. I love the way the characters are described in it as well.

Chihayafuru :A show about a card game based on 100 classic poems. Sounds kind of boring right? Well so far it's been downright interesting, in setting up the characters' relationships and how this game Karuta influenced them as children. Seems to be leaving a "recap" stage so I'll see how it progresses. So far it's a really good slice of life show.

Fate/Zero : I've only seen 2 episodes so far but it seems pretty good. I haven't seen Fate/SN but I figured since this is a prequel I'd be okay with watching it. I'm really liking the character Waver, and that Uryuu Ryonosuke had one of the best lines I've ever heard. This is by far one of the better shows of the season. The second episode felt way too short at the 24 mins, unlike the 40-ish of the first episode.

Guilty Crown :After 1 ep seems like average shounen series. I'm a little disappointed considering it's from noitaminA. There are 22 episodes so things will likely change. I didn't have high expectations for this series in the first place.

Kimi to Boku :I really was hoping this series would be better than it is. I've been enjoying the manga for ages now, so I think I placed those expectations on the series. The first two episodes were actually pretty painful to get through, with all the not a lot going on and random cut scenes to cats. The introduction of another character in episode three was an amazing breath of fresh air, since he brought some life to the otherwise stagnant (read boring) group of boys.

Phi-Brain: Kami no puzzle :I've only seen one episode of this so far, and I really enjoyed it. I get the feeling it might become a little repetitive, but it's a fun watch. I'm probably going to watch the 2nd and 3rd episodes this evening for a more rounded opinion.

Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi 2 :This is my little guilty pleasure show. I don't even really like it that much, but the fujoshi in me is screaming for MORE. It's kinda sad to say that I actually think the first couple of episodes were better than Kimi to Boku. Really though, I don't like characters that much, and the plot is fairly recycled in terms of BL. The refreshing point about this is that it takes place at a publishing house, so that side of things is pretty interesting.

Un-Go :I really enjoyed the first episode of this. To say I was surprised by part of it is a bit of an understatement. It's so far a better detective show than Gosick ever was, since it wasn't obvious who did it. My enjoyment of this series was brought down by the fact that characters suffered from "horse faces and razor chins". This series too though, feels like it could easily fall into the same boring pattern week after week. I'm glad to say this only has 11 episodes.

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