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this is my anime-page u can say its urs too..^_^

by ur visit and ur nice comments .. regard me as one of ur friends ..all anime lovers are welcome.



About my rating: (out of 10):

- Story (2)                                                                                              - Independancy (1)

- Characters (1)                                                                                       - Director (1)

- Music (1)                                                                                              - Attractivity (1)

- Art (1)                                                                                                 - I LOVE IT!! (2)




Top Fav. Male Characters :                                                      Top Fav. Female Characters:

1-John Silver (Takarajima)                                                   1-Unchou Kan'u (Ikkitousen)

2-Kakashi (Naruto)                                                             2-Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!)

3-Roronoa Zoro (One piece)                                              3-Neliel Tu Odelschwanck (Bleach)

4-Kimimaro(Naruto)                                                            4-Maya Natsume (Tenjho Tenge)

5-Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7)                                               5-Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)



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kenshina Sep 27, 2008


Like you can see, I can't every 2 days.  It's more probable for once a week.

So you know lots about games, I see.

Have you played anything like Princess Maker or Ys?  I mean Asian game that is more rare in America (or Europe).

I guess, you are still a teen right?  So then I wish for you to become a great person.   Don't get into bad things.  Ah, I guess you won't.  I just wanted to wish you good.  But I know it is hard.

May God protects you.  See u.

Cfos Sep 26, 2008

Nice to meet u too!!!

Just a perfect recommendation for you flashed into my head!!

It seems you like Naruto--> Bleach would be just perfect for you!!! (same studio etc...) and I'm sure you'll like it

Cfos Sep 25, 2008

Thx, I'll keep going until I've watched any anime from the database xD!!

You too, keep going, since when do you watch?

I do since 24.12.2007 (xDxDxDxD, does this date remind you of anything^^, two special events at ONE day^^...)

kenshina Sep 24, 2008

kimimaro, of course (the guy on your avatar).

No worry, my sis like him pretty much.  He is cool, but his existence is too short..

kenshina Sep 24, 2008


I was afk just awhile ago, when I came back, here there was, your new comment.

DAily, ahaha, it'll be a little hard for me during school days, but I will try every week (?).

That's right.. "to think of more beautiful and greater than u watch even if u like it"  Nice said. 

Who was kimimaro ?  I should check on him.  Hmmmm

What kind of game do you like then?? 

I like Final Fantasy X (my favorite), then From the Abyss (I like the stylus) NDS.  It seems that you play FF since you know about the 7th.  Final Fantasy is a nice game.  Yet, I sometimes get annoyed.  However, I definetly lik FFX.  FFX-2, I like the way we can change job like that and the mini game.  I like that mini game ALOT.  Blitz game is hard to play (for me).  I still don't get how to play it.  Oh, and I like FFTA (tactic advance for GBA).  I think I will like the new one for DS.  Chocobo games, my sis plays it.  The graph is very cute, but got no idea about how is the game.  I like Devil May cry 4 (maybe not the gameplay but the story mode, funny and silly).  I also play MMORPG (like lineage, lineage2).  I sound like a game maniac, but yea, I am not that much....  Well...

About Naruto game, I played few at my friends house, and well didn't like it.  I think the best Neruto game is Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3, which I have it.  We can do missions, do 1v1 battle, story mode... then the best is when you can explore Konoha Village in 3D.  But that's about all... well, still it's better than the other naruto games...

I prefer to read manga and books.  You should try reading Brave Story!  Such a nice book.  If you buy like mine, you have 3 books,  but you can have the same in one single book.  I just like the cover on this one so.. I just took this one.. although it cost me alot >_< (bakka!)

I say too much, see u