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this is my anime-page u can say its urs too..^_^

by ur visit and ur nice comments .. regard me as one of ur friends ..all anime lovers are welcome.



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- Story (2)                                                                                              - Independancy (1)

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Top Fav. Male Characters :                                                      Top Fav. Female Characters:

1-John Silver (Takarajima)                                                   1-Unchou Kan'u (Ikkitousen)

2-Kakashi (Naruto)                                                             2-Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!)

3-Roronoa Zoro (One piece)                                              3-Neliel Tu Odelschwanck (Bleach)

4-Kimimaro(Naruto)                                                            4-Maya Natsume (Tenjho Tenge)

5-Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7)                                               5-Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)



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kenshina says...


Take your time.  You can write me whenever you want.  Don't feel bad. 

Hey, if I am the only one talking about myself, what is it that I can know about you??  Well.. I know few already.  Anything new??

Don't worry.  You can be a friend!  I mean, even though you are not christian, it doesn't mean I wont be friend with you.  If some chritian says that he or she doesn't want to be friend with you because you are not one of theirs, that is completly wrong.  I mean, Jesus too, he was with the sinners not with the high priest in their temple. 

Well, whatever is the reason for you to not believe, it's .. hm how can I say?  Like something you shouldn't just ignore.  I mean. they (religeous) all say that but this is not just about for your good or for my good or for his (God) good.  For example, if there is a good person who thinks about you and do for you what is best, someone trustworthy, would you just ignore that person??  I am the one who want to be with that person.  Not just because I have to, or for my own good.  I can tell you lots of stuff.  About whatever you are curious.  You can be against.  I can be against you.  But I won't hate you, and won't scream or criticize you. 

My exam... was... horrible T_T.  Noooooooooooooooooo

My manga?? I have no manga yet.. just ... poor drawings... and brief sketches... I mean I have few manga (?) page... but there is almost no story yet... so... I prefer that you wait. or Hmmm... >_< don't expect too much c'mon!!

I have a scan at home.. (I am not home now), but well.. I'll try to get few... when I'll remember it.

See you.

see ya friend

Oct 11, 2008
kenshina says...


Hmm, the ava is made from photoshop.  Not oil painting... ^^"

I am not that professional.  And well, I prefer to draw Manga then paint.  I like to create story!

Hmm, I should not stay on comp too much.  Must be more vigilant.

I wish people were more kind and nice.  I mean, why is there always bad people who only think about themselvees and think about what he/she can get from today.

Although there are a lot of them, let's not fall like them and stay good.  We know what is right. 

By the way, how christian are you?  *sight*

Anyway, tomorrow I have xam so got to be prepared.

Oct 8, 2008
kenshina says...

Hello. Yea I am good. Just a little tired. But I had great day. ^_^ A pastor outside from where I live came to church, and said many things. It was great. =D Since you are christian as well, why don't you tell me about what you think or tell me about your story. How did you start believing in God? I'll tell you mine after you hav said yours.

Sometimes, I am better re-read your messages so that I don't repeat the same question.  I got BAD memory.  I think.  I mean I have long memory for visual stuff, but low in others.  o_O the problem is, I will need that memory I lack most to be able to graduate.  Ah.... I can memorise fast enough, but partially.  It will all dissapear sooner or later.

Anyway, I see.  so you like action and mystery, it's about same (as me).  What's you favorite anime???

Till next time.

(You know, always God.  With you.)

Oct 4, 2008
Kairi221 says...

Thanks! ^^

Oct 4, 2008
kenshina says...


Hm hm, well, this avatar, it is not from an anime.. I made it... >_<

Ahaha, well, we have to be honest in a way and remembering is not a problem.  When I can, I don't ignore people, good or bad.

o..o hm friend.  Waw, that was fast, but sure.  Let's be friend.  But I guess you are also wrong about me. 

Oh you are 24.  o_O sorry.  Hm, you are very hyper and energetic and joyful, so I thought you were young.  But it is good to be like that. 

Me, I am younger than you.  In the twenties.  Studying in B.E.D. (university).

When you said "I think its for girlss more than boys .. ", maybe you are right.  But not completely... Originally, I think, and I said I THINK, the game was especially made for male player.  But then, since it was like playing with a doll, it become girly game.  We girls like this game, or maybe just me??

Have you guessed?

I am not a boy ahahaha...  But what about you?

I like anime Fantasy Adventure with action!  Like One piece is one good example.  But moree of all, I like moral.  Like something that is behing a scene.  Something you want to make people understand: such as Trigun "Love and peace" instead of "Peace and Love"  Gunslinger Girls has somthing to: "life is precious"  You should READ the book Brave Story!  It became one of favorite!!  There is an animation about it, but animation is nothing compare to the book.  YOU HAVE TO READ ITTttttt,

Well, anyway, Thanks.

^_^ Let's pray to God.  I am glad you believe in God and Jesus.

Oct 1, 2008