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Hello, I have been watching anime in it's true form since 1994.  This is when I joined a club at Western Michigan University while still attending high school.  I discovered the club while attending a different club on campus, one that played Role-Playing Games such as D&D.

My first brush with anime was when Macross aired as Robotech in the early 80's along with Starblazers.  I has been nice to finally see the correct version of Macross and not the smash up that was Robotech. 

I'm a strong supporter of fansubbers and believe that without them the anime market would not be what it is today outside of Japan.  Companies that give fansubber flack should not expect to see any funds from me, ie ADV, Viz (are they even still around?)

I'll try to list my Top 5 in the future as it will be a tough choice.

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