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Maladox ; Ie -

A Name That Represents A Super Cool Certain Somebody Somewhere In This Big, Big Earth. Now, Since I Can Assume No One Reading This Little Biography Will Give Two Shits About My Life Outside The Digital Realm, I'll Just Sum Up My Personality For You. You Can Think Of Me As *Relaxed, But Argumentative. However, There Are Never Any Hard Feelings With My Arguments, I Promise.* Anyways, I Would Like To Invite Any Random Sucker Who Read This To Drop A Comment *Even If It's Just To Say Hello.* Oh, And I'm A Cat Person, Hate Dogs... Yeah, That's Important!


Maladox ; Synonyms -

Youtube : Xpvrx -
Xfire : Psyth -
Steam : Maladox -
My Anime List : Maladox -
You Might Also See Me Around The Web Under *Maladox, Malobox, Xeridux, Anomaly, Xpvrx, Marius*
Then My Real Name Is River, But I Go By Rio...


Maladox And His Interests -

First, All Things With Anime Relations. Like, Anime Itself For Instance! I Like All Kinds Of Anime From Each Respective Genre *Well, Not A Big Fan Of Mechs, But I'll Put Up With Them...* My Favourite Genre By Far Is Dark Psychological Drama; The Runner Up Is Romance Drama, Then For Third : Ecchi Comedy *Guilty Pleasure...*
Manga... Don't Read Much Of It, But Will Every Now And Then.
I Get Into Visual Novels Sometimes Too.
Believe It Or Not, Anime Is Not The Only Television I Watch, I Also Somehow Find Time For Things Like Spartacus, Breaking Bad, And Game Of Thrones *Oh, Also Insert Generic Sitcom...*
I Play My Share Of Video Games Too. Strictly Computer Games, Since Every Part Of Everything Is Better On The Pc Version *Laughs At Console Kitties!* A Few Specific Games I Like Are : Counter Strike Source, The Elder Scrolls, Minecraft, And Total War.
Music, I Like Lots Of It... I Typically Stay Away From Pop, And Specifically Call Melodic Rock And Classical My Favourite Genres.


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Sealreth Jun 6, 2012

wel I watched it both in dubbed and subbed, liked the dub version better xD, but that is because they are britannians, its just to strange if suddenly the whol world takes japanese when japan practicly does not exsist and is reinstated as a britannian colonie area 11 ^^

Sealreth Jun 4, 2012

a cool!, I added you to steam ^^. plz let me know if you also like it ^^

Sealreth Jun 2, 2012

Well code geass has an epic story, and the main character Lelouch is kinda like Light yagami from death note... they have some charactics that are almost the same (tough Lelouch is better in my opinion), futher more code geass issnt really about the mecha's.

for excample if you remove the mechas you will still have a great anime (The manga version of code geass does not have any mecha) but the mecha adds a nice touch to the overall story ^^ (again my opinion)

Well I recommanded it to you because you seemed to like death note xDIf you like death note there is a big change you end up liking Code geass to ^^

Btw. I am currently watching Yosuga no Sora, thanks for the review its great!

Sealreth May 31, 2012

Heey I think you will like the anime Code geass also ^^

If you havent seen it jet ^^

dezzi May 31, 2012

I like your signature, it's my favorite anime! Farewell nerdy skater punk ;)