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this anime certainly gets a lot of sh*t for it's art style. but i certainly liked it, more than any other show i have watched to date *except maybe ef...* i thought it was very colorful and just "pretty"... so it was different but so-what? "i admit this created an awkward mix of a dark story and a bright art style" SO! don't let people discourage you from watching it when they say the art sucks, think of it as a nice change to re-fresh the series and make it seem new and interesting. "i also admit there were some shaky stills in the firstep that were pretty silly"

the story was better than the first season *the first season doesn't really have much of a story* but still only "so-so". but the very well-done characters make up for the lack story to where you don't really even notice it... "i relate this to how to love-ru had the worst story line ever, but i still watched and enjoyed it" 

i have only watched the dubbed version, but as far as the voice acting went, i had no problem with it, there was one character whom i remember hating the voice of, but he was a minor character and i cant even remember his name... i do remember he had one cool quote "that's why the only solutions we devise, are riddled in blood-shed" "the voice actors are different for season 2 in the japanese version, but the dub actors are the same for both seasons"

anyway i enjoyed this anime; i would say it's definitively worth your time. *though i seem to be outnumbered =/*

6/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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