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Death Note

there's not really many negative things i can say about this show, so i will just get the few complaints of mine out at the beginning here;

-the misa character can be quite the mood-killer...
-the near character just seemed like a pointless repetition...
-the shinigamis are just... ugly...

now that those minor bugs of mine are out of the way lets get to the positive side;

-love the sort of *battle of the geniuses* theme. if you really pay attention there are so many little details to the plot that make it un-fold into a wonderful mystery-detective sort of thing.
-i'm quite the fan of the very dark, psychological drama shows, and this show is very very dark, and very very psychological...
-in most shows you kinda know what you want to happen in the end, like if it's a love-polygon you already know who you want the main character to hook-up with in the end... with death note, i had no idea what i wanted to happen, i was clueless to it, which meant that what ever turn the show took nothing ever phased me and made me say "noooo not that!" ... i suppose this is a great way to get swept away into the story
-this show is great in the anti-hero department, it really puts you inside the head of a criminal

so those are all my positive and negative comments, now down to regulation;

-story : though the story is somewhat of a cliche *some guy goes crazy with power* it's also very well-done. sort of like if i took the *saving the princess from the dragon* cliche and fleshed it out, and gave it a very refreshing style, then turned it into the best fantasy adventure story you ever heard. : 9
-art : the art was obviously very high-quality, though some of the facial expressions seemed very odd to me, but i assume this was to add emphases. i really liked a lot of the things they would do with the art to effect the mood, like giving everything the red tint, or whenever light was giving off that *evil* aura they would turn his eyes bright red. : 8
-sound : in regards to voices i had watched the dubbed version. i remember thinking a lot of lights little sister's lines sounded kinda forced, but she doesn't talk very much anyway so it's not a big deal. other than that i thought it had very well-done dubs. *i watched the first few episodes with subs, i liked the dubs better =/ that's an opinionated matter though*. in regards to music i was really pretty oblivious to it. i didn't really think it was anything special that i would go and get the ost for, but it certainly wasn't bad and there were plenty of neat tracks. : 7
-character : this is certainly the most "wow" department. this show does such a wonderful job with interesting characters and as i said before really puts you inside their head. i find it hard to put it into any other words than "wow" ... : 10
-enjoyment : i flew through this series in two days and just couldn't get enough of it, the only reason it loses a point here is because the second arc seemed like repetition... : 9
-overall : 10

* i feel bad when i find myself giving something such a high grade... but ... i tried as hard as i could to not be "that die-hard fan" but it really is just *that good* ...* so definitely, definitely give this show a try if you haven't already!

8/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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FotacienShado says...

I like and agree with the top three points you wrote. personally I thought there should hae been a nice little twist as to how L could've planned ahead and nullify REM's act of killing him, I myself can think of a few loopholes but no need to paste them. And i like your point about Misa being a kill-the-mood character, but i doubt that the story would've been as good as it had she not been the way she was. Great review, with reviews these good, no need to write my own.

Nov 22, 2012