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Is Godchild by Kaori Yuki Shounen-Ai?

23 JAN

Okay, so I've decided to blog about something that has been really bothering me. I've read the whole Godchild series (not the Count Cain books sadly, just #1-8) and I loved it. It was my first manga, my first amazingly attractive men, lolita girls, cray plots. It was my frist w=for a lot of things. But it was not my first BL manga. I keep seeing tags for it saying Shounen-ai and Yaoi (yes I do know the difference between the two so don't remind me) and it makes me confused because the relationship between Cain and Riff is not really that kind or love. It's more like master-servant and it's purely based on their past and 'current' emotions for one another which aren't homosexual. I admit, they did have some moments like in the last chapter of book 8 (SPOILERS AHEAD) when they were found in each others arms. And the chapter art for the Godless chapter was kind of suggestive but I just do not think that Godchild is a shonen-ai manga. Don't get me wrong, it would be great if it actually was, but it's not. Cain loved Riff in the way....master loves a servant! Sorry that I'm not being more specfic but think of Kuroshitsuji. I haven't watched but my friend is a huge fan of it and from what I've seen (been forced to see, you know who you are!) the relationships between Sebastian and Ciel seem similar to that of Cain and Riff. Sure there are moments between the two that might hint at something more but in the end, it's just a very strong bond of friendship that makes the two close (in both animes).

Enough of my ranting, comment below if you support or hate my opinion. I always love a good debate XD

Ja ne,


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