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Nabari no Ou

14 JAN

WARNING!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILERZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello again~!

So this blog is about the anime I recently completed called Nabari no Ou. It was, quite possibly, one of the most epic short animes I have seen since Jyu-Oh-Sei and that's saying something. It had all of the elements I could ever ask for: attractive men, beautiful artwork, sensible plot that followed through all the way to the end, and character deaths that actually made sense in a way... So it's pretty easy to see that this anime is shojo, I mean just look at how cute Miharu is! Even Yoite is good-looking in his own, sickly way. I think when it comes to 'cutest uke' (did I spell cutest wrong?) it's a tie between Gau and Miharu for me. Gau is like the perfect, faithful partner to Raiko. I mean, he even made himself get stabbed by Raiko! You can't get much more faithful than that. And did you see the scene when Raiko went all crazy stabbing mode on that guy that punched Gau? Intensity to the max. As for Miharu, I love his indifference so much it hurts. In the first (I might be wrong there) episode, he just walked away from Tobari when he made that oath to him. Bloody hilarious. Also, when he was playing basketball and he shot an ultra-moe-kawaii-desu-kun (if you get the joke, comment on my profile XD) look at the other players, I was very close to screaming, as all fangirls do. Putting the matter of ukes aside, I just want ot say that I love Koichi the most in the series. Maybe it's my love for albinos or my love for immortals but Koichi is just the complete package to me. Alright, enough of my ranting about hot fictional guys and onto the plot! Some parts of it were confusing to me and others made me scream at my screen. For example, I would have LOVED to know more about Tobari's past. All it showed was that he was friends with Miharu's parents and grandfather but nothing else really. I wouldn't have minded if it showed some of his history with Hanabusa or why he was friends with Miharu's parents or why he had the Engetsurin in the first place. I've been meaning to read the manga so it might have more information in there but it made me frustrated that it didn't explain any of this in the anime. Did anyone else yell at Yoite to stop using his Kira at any point in the anime? Because I know I did. It was more towards the end though that the yelling started because then, the effects were starting to show up more and more. I just felt so bad for him and Miharu who was just trying to help him time and time again. One last thing about the plot that made me love the anime oh so much was the Shinrabansho. Even though she's a stupid evil [insert swear word here], that power is pretty awesome to me. I mean having the power to make any wish come true...it's the ultimate power. The way it's activated too is pretty interesting to me as well. The way the characters all flowed all over his body was so intense to me. And the way he sort of went into this tranquil state of mind with the Shinrabansho was just...wow. I don't really know any other way to explain it. Okay now onto the topic of the character deaths. As you (should) know, beloved Raiko and Yoite died. Both seemed to die because of Hattori in one way or another. I mean, Raiko was killed by him and it's Hattori's fault that Yoite learned kira which ended up killing him. Does anyone remember if Yoite knew that he would die if he learned kira? Please tell me because I have forgotten *sweatdrop*. I think that these deaths made a bit of sense because Yoite's death was already decided and poor Raiko died while defending his friends. Yoite's death didn't make much sense to me though because he just sort of...turned into sparkles. I wasn't really sure what had happened but I started crying nonetheless. I'm such a wimp...
Okay, that's all I have to say about this awesome anime except that I NEED to read the manga because I might've just read some spoilers on wikipedia (don't judge me!) about the ending and it sounds incredibly epic.

Ja ne!


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DragonB avatar DragonB
Mar 31, 2011

Alright, so about this anime. I just went into a rant about why it was horrible. The ending....where he turned into sparkles....killed me a little inside. I was wanting it to be more awesome to tell you the truth (the ending in general, not the sparkles, lol). I didn't like the character developments AT ALL, but I do admit that I thought Miharu's little trickster moments were really cute. It made me chuckle. I also liked their cute little 'rock on' hand gesture. That also made me giggle a little.

I must agree with you on the Koichi! If any character was awesome, it was him. He was so....dangerous! In a bad boy way! I kinda liked it. I liked Yukimi too. He was a shinobi with a gun, but he was still really endearing with Yoite, even though he never really wanted to show it. Cute. Tobari upset me. I felt that he was completely useless, and perhaps that was because they didn't give enough insight into his background like you mentioned. It was like that for most characters actually. As for Raiko and Gau, I thought Gau was cute, like Raiko's little puppy, ya know? The weird thing about it was that there were...love implications in there, which made it just a hint awkward. Perhaps it was because I wasn't expecting the relationships to imply such a thing, so I was caught off guard. Yoite? He knew. Hattori told him right off the bat that it would kill him eventually, and that's why Yoite agreed. So I had no sympathy for him when he was like "I don't wanna die." He decides that as he's dying....because of something he knew would kill him. Its like drinking a cup of poison on purpose and hoping it doesn't kill you after all. 

I loved the animation adn the music. The guys were indeed nicely drawn, regardless of character development. ;) I loved the theme song. Its currently my favorite song, lol I can't get it out of my head. I'm listening to it as I type this!



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