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"There is meaning to a wing that can't fly;

Since there's precious memories from when it could fly!"

    Real life is boring, and so a multitude "escapes", using ones' imagination were created.

    These "ways of escape" vary greatly. From shuting a door, and relaxing while ignoring reality, to an escape using entertainment coming in the forms of Anime, Manga, Video-games, movies, and an incomprehensable amount more. Nicknames were handed out to these people, who some in society look at as outcasts, weirdos, freaks, Otakus but of whom I call bothers and sisters.

  An escape from reality is neccisary to keep ones' sanity in check, or relieve stress. These are basic ecuses. These Escapes from Reality, (known from now on as: EfR), go much deeper than these basic explinations. As someone who constantly seeks for EfR I know that putting this into words is a nearly impossible task. To put it simply an EfR is a lifeline.

I Give praise to those showing their love for an Escape from Reality

Brothers, Sisters, Bask in the hours spent, reminisce in the laughter, tears, and pain we have all shared as we look for a tomorrow, and toast to our next...

Escape From Reality

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tsumiki says...

Oh my gosh! No one had ever said something so lovely to me before, well, excluding a few things, but no one has said something like "have a great-anime filled life" That is so very sweet! I wish the same for you! :D

Feb 12, 2014
tsumiki says...

Wow your bio thing is amazing, you seem like a really cool person.

I'm Tsumiki, I'm probably the cutest neko around here but dont be intimidated, heheh just teasing!  

*neko ear twitch*  I hope we can be friends Senpai

Sep 22, 2013