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 I was drawn to Anime at an early age, before it was even called Japanimation even. My favorite cartoons were Star Blazers and Battle of the Planets. I watched just about anything done in anime style, even the non-war shows like Belle and Sebastion and El Cid, which were some of Nicelodeon's first shows. El Cid was pretty cool, I wonder if there is any of that on this site, hmmm....

I also watched Tranzor Z, Voltron (all 3, but GoLions is the best), Robotech and Capt. Harlock and the Queen Millennia on American TV, while they were on. Around Jr. high I started collecting collectables, and renting VHS tapes from a video store in San Francisco's Little Tokyo. My best friend and I really got into it and started going to conventions and stuff. That's around the time I started drawing for fun, trying to draw characters and spaceships like the ones I like follwing the adventures of.

I lost interest in new anime right around the Saint Seiya, Pokemonization of anime. I figured I had outgrown it.

Now I'm getting back into, since I've been meeting a lot of people who are also into it, and it is SO EASILY ACCESSIBLE and you can decide for yourself between English, subtitle or just raw Japanese voice tracks. I've been watching some of the newer (still old) animations like Gurren Lagan and Full Metal Alchemist, and some Avatar as well. These days I am watching Darker than Black, which I really like; Desert Punk, which is just OK, the main character is really annoying so I'm not sure how many more episodes I'll watch of that; and WitchBlade which is pretty good action, reminds me of early BubbleGumCrisis. I have also watched All of the Ghost in the Shell stuff ( <3 masamune Shirow), Cowboy BeBop, Samurai Champloo, all the Ghibli stuff, Lupin (old and new), etc... etc... blah blah blah

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