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The names magedrifter (or as I'm better known here on earth as Jesse ;) and yes I'm an alien j/k)

I grew up watching anime that I'm sure most of you already know, stuff like Dragonball Z, Digimon, Yu Gi Oh etc ... you know the crazy popular ones that were all the rage when they came to north american tv. It wasn't until I grew into my early teens that I happened to pick up more obscure titles like Flame of Recca and Outlaw Star. And when I turned 20, I started collecting anime dvds in boxsets, my first set being Black Cat and from there I spawned a collection of over 20 different boxsets and counting.

My favourite genre is of course shonen (mostly because as a teen I was exposed to Yu Gi Oh, and an amazing genre of videogaming known as rpg's wich in most cases is shonen in nature o.0?? or atleast I think it is or used to be) lol. As always I try and watch anime where the main character is almost always male, set in any time period other than fuedal japan, atleast 24 episodes long, dubbed in english, and absolutely must have NO MECHS.

(if you have any suggestions following the above criteria for anime I should watch, then I'm all ears, that is of course after you check my anime list first to see wich ones I watched/want to watch/watching) ;)


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Mattlore Nov 28, 2010

Greetings and welcome to the planet!

It's always cool to meet another fan from Ontario :)

As for reccomendations; allthough it does go against you're criteria of: "Must be NO mechs" I would highly reccomend you make an exception for the series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. It is probbaly one of my FAVORITE shonen series as it was the only series that made me jump up from my seat and shout F#$K yeah!! THAT'S how it's done!!! Truly an epic series that stars one of the manliest men in shonen anime.

If you decide not to, it's cool and if you feel like checking out some other series I've seen (They're mostly comedy/harem) feel free to check out my list.