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Fullmetal Alchemist

Jun 19, 2011

Oh fullmetal Alchemist how much I love this anime. It is defiantly one of my favorite ever.


The story to me it had a lot of surprises. It was like oh my god I did not expect that. I’m almost every episode I found myself surprised and full of happiness. It made me really happy when something that I didn’t think wouldn’t happen did happen. A lot of different things happen in all of the episodes and you discover different things really important. I thing that I did love about the story is that it was very good put together. To me after been explained it had a lot of meaning.


I loved the way it was drawn. It matched a lot on what they where doing and the way they where talking and the feelings they were trying to transmit.


The voices in English for me where the best. I always prefer watching an anime in English just because I don’t really like reading the subtitle because sometimes it would be spelled wrong. But the voices in English in my opinion gave a very good feeling of what they were talking about it was very clear of how things where.


Let’s start whit Edward Elric.Im in love with his character he is such a good person. He loves his brother very much and is always trying to protect him in any way he can. He's a very small loving person. And he always thinks of other which I love.

Alphonse Elric.Even if he is in an armor you can feel that his stile a little kid its supper adorable. He is like a little kid who just wants to go back to normal and just live happily with his brother and mom and dad. He always just wanted the best for everyone and never wishes the worst.

Maes Hughes. He is defiantly one of my favorite people who work with the army. He is always so full of sprite. And what I'm about to say don’t read it unless you saw the anime. But I was so sad when he dies. He was such a nice person that loved his family and friends.

Roy Mustang. He is one of the army who seems like he is always very strict and doesn’t like anyone but latter on you find out that he is a very nice person with a very big heart who cares about other people.

The bad people. I don’t really feel like going one by one on every bad people in this anime so les just say that I feel like if all of them are not really bad at least that’s what I think most of them are just result of alchemy used in a wrong way by mistake.


I honestly love this anime. Its very active and connected in a lot of ways. It’s just really fun to watch and its one of the only anime that if I can’t watch it all full out then I just won’t watch it untie another time.


10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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