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AnimalSoldier says...

blah, nothing happened...

Oh? were you watching that maid thing? i finished watching soul eater.

Enjoy class...

May 31, 2010
HikaruTenshi says...

Awesome. ^_^  Anytime. ^_^


May 31, 2010
AnimalSoldier says... just waiting for my disgusting dinner to be ready...

I've had a disgustingly horrible day,and im in one heck of a foul mood....shit...

anyway,hope you had a good night,and that thing you did with ya mama was good..

May 31, 2010
HikaruTenshi says...

Of course! Everyone is welcome. ^_^ My castle is your castle. ^_^


May 30, 2010
AnimalSoldier says...

hey! i remember your name,cos you told me wat it was! hmph!! i bet you cant pronounce my name anywaay :p

my speciality is stew....any stew...and i make a mean breakfast....and sandwiches...and hot choccy...amd yeah,i can cook anything,but those are my specialities...I used to vacuum...when i wash dishes,i end up singing,and hold spoons and knives like they're mics...and when i could,i act like im hosting a cooking show...its so stupid lol

Oh,my mom is a slave driver of a boss...but get on her good side,and life is great...there's one dude,who absolutely sucks!! he's horrible,but i love that guy...he's got a car now,and is doing well for himself lol the only reason he's still working for my mom is cos i like him...

and my moms voice isnt annoying at all :) its ok :) i can remember how my mom is at any good :)

May 30, 2010