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January 1, 2014

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HikaruTenshi avatar HikaruTenshi


May 30, 2010

Of course! Everyone is welcome. ^_^ My castle is your castle. ^_^


AnimalSoldier avatar AnimalSoldier


May 30, 2010

hey! i remember your name,cos you told me wat it was! hmph!! i bet you cant pronounce my name anywaay :p

my speciality is stew....any stew...and i make a mean breakfast....and sandwiches...and hot choccy...amd yeah,i can cook anything,but those are my specialities...I used to vacuum...when i wash dishes,i end up singing,and hold spoons and knives like they're mics...and when i could,i act like im hosting a cooking show...its so stupid lol

Oh,my mom is a slave driver of a boss...but get on her good side,and life is great...there's one dude,who absolutely sucks!! he's horrible,but i love that guy...he's got a car now,and is doing well for himself lol the only reason he's still working for my mom is cos i like him...

and my moms voice isnt annoying at all :) its just...im ok :) i can remember how my mom is at any time...im good :)

AnimalSoldier avatar AnimalSoldier


May 30, 2010

hey! that felt like an insult :/ the only reason you remember MY name,is cos its also my username! :p

and,i dunno. Im not part of the band. they just wanna splice me in,so that the judges swing in our favour lol they mostly play rock,and local music....but if im gonna rap,ima choose my OWN songs to rap to....

you dont need to tell me twice! infact,it was my dad who taught me how to be a house wife :D everyone in my house knows how to be a housewife...lol and dont you go aorund making statements bout being a housewife!! you probably cant even boil water properly :p

oh naah...i know what my moms been upto...she works constantly,though she hasnt been to the office in years (although,its her company,so its her choice),she sits on her huge bed,with that awesome laptop of hers,and she types for 2 minutes,before spacing out and watching tv lol

I REAAAALLLY dont like Maka...hahahaha :p dunno why...

AnimalSoldier avatar AnimalSoldier


May 30, 2010

hmmm...maybe ive always been interested ;p

yeah i know! there's this kid in my building,he's the shit! he's like 13 years old,but he's really smart and mature for his age...and him and I have more intelligent conversations,than i do with the bastards i hang out with...and i still dunno his name,its sooo embarrassing...

I think I made it sound too cool....its not even a squad...there's a band right? the main band,made up of the best band members from the four bands we have and it goes for comps and what not,all over the area...then,there's a comp between all the individual bands. Everyone is placing heavy emphasis on my rapping,cos we suck at everything else,and our band is the only good thing we got XD

And im a fantastic housewife! (which is really sad) back is SA,I used to do the shopping,and the cooking and what not...a real housewife...when i went 2 my friends' places,it was I who would have to make breakfast,chill with the lil kids,babysit while the others went to strip clubs,only cos I the kids wanted me to lol im a really good housewife... :(

its good that you're doing things with your mom...i havent spoken to mine in weeks lol :D im thinking ima finish soul eater soon though...its dope...

AnimalSoldier avatar AnimalSoldier


May 30, 2010

ha!! oh yeah,hello :) ha!! you bring your army! although,it sounds like we'd be better off joining forces again...my kids can stun our enemies,while your living ancient sacks of naked flesh will scare the crap outta them...then we'll strike!

hahaha! evil indeed! Nike has been my brand,since waaay back when...i only wear Nike soccer boots,socks etc. However,if the kit isnt sponsored by Nike,then its not my choice and i wear it :( although,there's 1 dude,who speaks really bad english,but is totally awesome...known him for well over a year,and i dont know his name lol

yup yup,and i basically carry my squads hopes on my shoulders,cos im the only rapper lol every1 can sing....but they dont care what i say,as long as i got a decent flow...but i wanna produce quality :) and when i complete the lyrics,i'll give you a shout...

I spent the day cleaning and shit...i like a housewife lol but it was good...watched some anime too...glad you slept well :) plans for today??

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