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AnimalSoldier Jun 2, 2010 was shit though hahaha i soo wasnt in the mood for it...despite the moments when we were talking bout super mario and contra,it was pretty crap hahaha

howd you sleep? hope you slept well. and how was the day yesterday? how long are your working hours? and your evening classes?

AnimalSoldier Jun 1, 2010

you're probably muching on dinner bout to leave for class.

Yeah,dreams are like that...depending on the dream,your mood can also vary....and yeah,its all better thanks :p

So the dat was good i assume? you went to work? what time do your classes end?

oh well...its back to the sooo not feeling this...

sothis Jun 1, 2010

Ah, and one more thing - check out the responses in there as I have some feedback on the descrip :)

sothis Jun 1, 2010

Hi there, was just looking at this:

However, you left off the anime relations in the submission (this is important as it's the only way we can add the character :)). Can you respond to the thread and say what her role is? IE, main, secondary, etc. Thanks!

AnimalSoldier Jun 1, 2010

of course summing happened,i just dont feel like posting it as a comment...

and today was much better thanks...although I dont think my mood has improved all that much...Its also a shame that the day was shit,cos i had a nice dream hahaha

Nah uh,class starts on the 2nd for me. There's bout a 13 hour time diff between us,so it'll still be the first for you,so techincally,you're not wrong hahaha I know how you feel though,im dreading even waking up tomorrow morning.

Here' to hoping that your first day back was a memorable one...