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AnimalSoldier Jun 14, 2010

excuuuuse me?! just who are you calling silly? you're silly :p and u missed me :p

awwwww :'( i was hoping that you and the stalker had hit it off in rehab :( hahaha im glad everythings im guessing that you've gotten back into the rhythm then? Im bummed cos the whole world is in my country,and im not even there...sooooo depressing lol

and i cant abandon you huh?? you miss me that much huh??? :P well, no worries then....i was just feigning studying so my teachers could get off my that they think im studying,i dont care anymore lol

hope your day was fantastic...buh bye :D

AnimalSoldier Jun 14, 2010

ooooohhh...! and here i was bout 2 say that i missed you,and you miss me 1st :p

oh,and hello! :D its been quite a long time huh? how ya been? hows work and class? and you stalker? you confessed your undying love for him yet? :p

i knew you missed me :p im surprised it took you this long 2 say it...

I been busy with tests and shit,so i kinda had no time...and surprisingly,im passing well too lol

hope you've been k :D

Shirohime Jun 5, 2010

haha polacy są wszędzie i tylko jesteśmy niedostrzeżeni ;P

AnimalSoldier Jun 4, 2010

I been as good as i can be thanks for

And seniority doesnt mean jack shit,when you got hordes of 4 year old kids screaming "Hello Kwenza!!" in the mornings. It doesnt mean shit,when boys between ages 4-12 think you're there friend and that you're "cool" and when boys 12-16 think they can be "cool" to by holding up a peace sign when they see you,when you got a lil group of Fanboys who chant your name during a soccer match,when the girls say nothing...seniority means NOTHING here my dear Monika...

Oh? so some dude was stalking you huh? well did you call him? was he not attractive enough for you Hime-sama?? And atleast he was polite in leaving you a note,and telling you wasnt a weirdo...the dudes who hit on me,just go and grab my super markets,or clubs...i wish they'd have given me a note...atleast then i wouldve had the chance of running away...

So you've watched Shakugan no Shana then? I've been watching it,and its been annoying me,yet im still kinda is it?

I've been thinking bout that movie...I just might watch,since you recommended it.

How was the day yesterday? you slept well

AnimalSoldier Jun 2, 2010

argg...dont even make me think about it...

I had to repeat the year,cos it was a new syllabus,so im 19 this year,when most of my classmates are 16 and 17...I didnt actually fail anything,so it really pissed me off. now,i got 5 more months of regular classes,and from November,i got exams until March. I cant even go home for christmas,cos i got an exam on 2nd jan...I just came off my summer vacation...(which had classes in between)

You work hetic hours...excluding your morning classes,you got 9 hours of your time,all swallowed up by stuff...but hey,you gotta do what you gotta do i guess..what time do you leave home? and what time do you get back?