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AnimalSoldier says...

greetings and salutations...

how are you? howa classes and what not? The only people i know who appreciate anime are like 12 year old guys,who i just feel awkward talking to bout anime. Only 1 dude outta them truely appreciates anime...but he's a pervert lol

and? hows work? im sure you have to only rely on getting hit on by people from rehab...there are plenty of other weirdos in the world,so dont feel sad hahaha

I've been watching anime quite a bit actually....i also highly reccomend Michiko to Hatchin,and The Twelve Kingdoms,if you havent already watched it....and if you're a soccer fan,you gotta watch Giant killing...absolutely brilliant...

anyway,i hope everything is going well for ya...

here's to hoping that u miss me,cos i miss u :p

P & B...

Jun 27, 2010
AnimalSoldier says...

hello ya been? how was the weekend? you study well?

my weekend was good...went out partying and clubbing the whole of saturday,well into sunday morning...then disappeared from the world,and watched anime the whole day ahahaa till this bastard came into my room and said "So all you do is sit here and watch this huh? you dont have any friends?" i almost exploded lol people just cant appreciate aime....

Oh yeah,I finished watching it a while ago,but i cant help but recommend Monster to you AGAIN...Its absolutely much so,it still tugs away at my emotions when i think bout it...

Besta luck wit ya tests and what not,and here's 2 hoping that more peopel from rehab hit on you lol

peace & blessings...

ps* I KNOW you miss me :p

Jun 21, 2010
AnimalSoldier says...

excuuuuse me?! just who are you calling silly? you're silly :p and u missed me :p

awwwww :'( i was hoping that you and the stalker had hit it off in rehab :( hahaha im glad everythings im guessing that you've gotten back into the rhythm then? Im bummed cos the whole world is in my country,and im not even there...sooooo depressing lol

and i cant abandon you huh?? you miss me that much huh??? :P well, no worries then....i was just feigning studying so my teachers could get off my that they think im studying,i dont care anymore lol

hope your day was fantastic...buh bye :D

Jun 14, 2010
AnimalSoldier says...

ooooohhh...! and here i was bout 2 say that i missed you,and you miss me 1st :p

oh,and hello! :D its been quite a long time huh? how ya been? hows work and class? and you stalker? you confessed your undying love for him yet? :p

i knew you missed me :p im surprised it took you this long 2 say it...

I been busy with tests and shit,so i kinda had no time...and surprisingly,im passing well too lol

hope you've been k :D

Jun 14, 2010
Shirohime says...

haha polacy są wszędzie i tylko jesteśmy niedostrzeżeni ;P

Jun 5, 2010