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kieiPL avatar kieiPL


Aug 5, 2010

Witam i tez pozdrawiam =]

AnimalSoldier avatar AnimalSoldier


Jul 6, 2010

lol hey,im not 1 to talk...i dont even drink lol :D

and trust me...im scared 2 say what kinda dude he is,cos chances are,1 just like him might decide to quickly look at your profile,and see how i insulted a dude like him lol  i'll explain it soon :p

exactly!! so be prepared 2 be bitten very hard alot :p i dont hold back :D

and i WILL change history dammit! its practically a given that i miss you,so i gotta make you say it properly,otherwise my pride will be dented lol :p

lol you'll understand what his "power" is soon enough :)

Here's to hoping that you have a great day... :)

P & B...

AnimalSoldier avatar AnimalSoldier


Jul 6, 2010

hahahaha damit! i mean...oh good :) only 2 beers huh? well im glad it was good :D

And i know you're not scared of perverts,cos you're still talking to me :p but this dude is on a whole other level...its not da fact that he's a pervert thats the problem,its the kinda pervert he is lol

aint saying anything huh? then i KNOW you failed :p but don worry...im on your side :p

And yeah,alota love lol biting is the new way of showing affection :p i really bite tho lololol :D

and its only complicated cos i gotta fight 2 get u 2 admit it :p

Desert Punk is great...Sunabozu is just awesome (the character) his...uh..."power" has no limits...

Hope your day was good,and you having sweet dreams

P & B...

AnimalSoldier avatar AnimalSoldier


Jul 5, 2010

well happy 4th of july! :D (its the 5th here already) how was/is the party going? hopefully u got drunk,ate tons of beef,and got thrown in the rehab where you work :p

yeah,twice lol he'd probably freak you out...every1 here is a pervert lol

and thats a smart plan! i actually wanna do that stuff myself,get my PhD right quick...but you took the summer classes cos you flunked didnt you? ur jus saying u wanna finish as an excuse :p

ooohhh? you would bite me would you? well thats cool,i bite back :p

oh yes,1 more thing...watch Desert Punk...the last 4 episodes are garbage,but the other 21 are just beautiful....

and i only miss you cos i know you miss me (this missing thing is getting complicated lol)

P & B...

AnimalSoldier avatar AnimalSoldier


Jul 4, 2010

Hello hello...howa things? you ok?

and my friend watches anything and everything...awesome guy though....but as awesome as he is,he's TWICE as perverted lol

and what? rea....re...a...re...a..li...wtf is that? :p

Yeah,i dunno wats going on...somehow im performing well in class(performing well in my world means im passing lol),playing sports,going out,blah blah blah,and my anime count just keeps rising lol its great...

Summer classes huh...? well done...thats great...wtf are summer classes? cant they be taking in autumn?? lol

And dont worry....some day,i'll approach you and hit on you,that way atleast it'll be a weirdo you knowwho's not gonna go 2 rehab :p

hope your day is going well...and i hope u munched on a cheese burger recently :)

carry on missing me :p

P & B...

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