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kieiPL says...

Tez jakos leci xD Wlasnie mialem ogladac howl's moving castle ale zdecydowalem sie dokonczyc inna anime =] wiesz tak ostatnio sie wziolem ze 3-4 serie rozne i teraz sie staram cos dokonczyc xD

Aug 5, 2010
kieiPL says...

Co tam slychac? =D

Aug 5, 2010
kieiPL says...

Witam i tez pozdrawiam =]

Aug 5, 2010
AnimalSoldier says...

lol hey,im not 1 to talk...i dont even drink lol :D

and trust scared 2 say what kinda dude he is,cos chances are,1 just like him might decide to quickly look at your profile,and see how i insulted a dude like him lol  i'll explain it soon :p

exactly!! so be prepared 2 be bitten very hard alot :p i dont hold back :D

and i WILL change history dammit! its practically a given that i miss you,so i gotta make you say it properly,otherwise my pride will be dented lol :p

lol you'll understand what his "power" is soon enough :)

Here's to hoping that you have a great day... :)

P & B...

Jul 6, 2010
AnimalSoldier says...

hahahaha damit! i mean...oh good :) only 2 beers huh? well im glad it was good :D

And i know you're not scared of perverts,cos you're still talking to me :p but this dude is on a whole other level...its not da fact that he's a pervert thats the problem,its the kinda pervert he is lol

aint saying anything huh? then i KNOW you failed :p but don on your side :p

And yeah,alota love lol biting is the new way of showing affection :p i really bite tho lololol :D

and its only complicated cos i gotta fight 2 get u 2 admit it :p

Desert Punk is great...Sunabozu is just awesome (the character) his...uh..."power" has no limits...

Hope your day was good,and you having sweet dreams

P & B...

Jul 6, 2010