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Pamel May 15, 2010

I added Natsume Yuujinchou and Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou Tou (both their second seasons as well). Also added Shounen Onmyouji. A big thanks for that, wouldnt have found them if it wasnt for your list. 

Even though your WtW list is quite formidable already i thought i could add some more to it by recommending a couple of series. I think you would enjoy Air and Clannad, most people do. The story is good and touching and the animation looks great as well. Also you might wanna look into Scrapped Princess. The story revolves around the question wheather its alright to take a life if that life is supposebly destined to bring great disaster to the country.

The last rec i wanna do is for my long-time favorite Higurashi no naku koro ni. I wasnt sure if i should recommend this to you, but i figured since most girls like mystery I might as well. Lots of people either really like or really dislike this anime. The structure of the story is something thats not used often in other anime and the story itself is confusing and disturbing at times. Still there's a reason why this anime has been my nr 1 for about  2 years now. No anime to date has made me lock my door, close my curtains, look past my shoulder from time to time and increase my pulse as much as Higurashi has (dont worry, there were no lasting effects :P).

Aanyway, this concludes my waaay too long reply. Tell me what you think of the recs. Dont worry you can say you dont like them if you dont. After all, its hard to recommend something to someone you dont know.

Pamel May 14, 2010

Hi, you're welcome to stop by anytime :). You have a few great anime's on your favorites list, I've put a few of them on my WtW list.

So many anime, so little time...

totavo May 13, 2010

Ah thanks for looking at my anime list and commenting. :)

siferhumen May 13, 2010

Haha tx for the welcome ^^

Szwagier Mar 1, 2010

Dziękuję ;] A-P recommendations już wiele razy mi pomogły trafić na mniej znane a godne uwagi tytuły, więc staram się też korzystać z tego, żeby ludziom cośtam podpowiedzieć.