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brenda310 says...

Kaiba sounds interesting, i also want to watch kimi ni todoke ^_^ everyone says is good and i want to give it a try! and if you like Kaiba i think you should watch Noein is pretty similar because of the animation style and the story is kind of interesting i liked it ^_^ ... 

take care,


May 18, 2010
brenda310 says...

Thank you so much for your commets! I totally agree with your comment on Rerouni Kenshin: seisouhen the OVA is one of my favs too! also, im glad you like the picture. anyway, thanks ^_^


May 16, 2010
Pamel says...

Glad you decided to give it a try. The first minute is indeed something intense. Luckily not the entire story is like that. At some times you can easily mistake it for some slice-of-life type of anime.

May 16, 2010
deidarra says...

Siema XD dzięki za komenta~~

Jak lubisz ecchi i romans to zobacz " Shuffle! " ^^

May 15, 2010
Pamel says...

Np, glad I could help with some recs. Concerning Air, yeah the ending is pretty touching and sad but that just means its a good anime since it manages to convey the sadness from the screen to you, the viewer.

Feel free to check my Must Watch-list, I think there are a few titles there that you havent seen yet and that are worth watching. Or you can just ask me directly, although my memory concerning anime is usually pretty pathetic (I tend to forget really fast...).

When you finish Higurashi, tell me what you thought about it. If Ghost Hunt's Bloodstained Labyrinth kept you from sleeping I really wanna know how Higurashi affected you *insert big grin here*


May 15, 2010