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lonewolftheblack says...

if your still looking for s-CRY-ed you can't go wronge with either eubbed or dudded. its one of the few really good dubs out their

Nov 29, 2010
AnimalSoldier says...

hello. howa things?

im on vacation,so i got time...while all my friends have gone on holiday and shit,im just gaming and watching anime lol just finished watching capeta. It was good,though too short.

and you? wats up? hows work and class and wat not? hopefully its all good.

Im also in the process of writing a new song. I finally got to writing 2 the battlecry (samurai champloo opening) instrumental,so hopefully its good.

anyway,hope you're good.

P & B...

Aug 24, 2010
AnimalSoldier says...

hello. howa you? howa things?

you had a good week so far? hopefully not :p then atleast i wont be alone :p

i see you're watching blood+ huh? i found it to be horible! i like Diva more than Saya,and you cant watch something if you hate the protagonist...ugh...

watch berserk...its pretty cool...nice,and since im on vacation,i got time to watch some anime.

hows work? how are the weirdos treating you? fallen in love with one yet?

hope you're ok

P & B..

Aug 20, 2010
AnimalSoldier says...

Happy birthday! its friday here,so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! hope you have a birthday filled with happiness,blessings and LUCK lol hav a great k?

Sending you much love and luck :D

P & B :)

Aug 12, 2010
AnimalSoldier says... how old you turning? huh? 500? :p well,i remember when I  turned was a joyous day :) try being bornon september 13...then you'll die lol the only reason why i'm stil alive,is cos i got a strong body :p

hmmm i see...ask me the story behind my username! come on,ask me! lol i'll even tell you that my password is kwenza,lol the full version :p ask me! ask me! ;p

I won some comps,so im accepting my awards tomoroow. I hav a bet with a friend,that no one will cheer for or chant my name! i got 10 bucks riding on this...(im sooo gonna lose) lol shit...

its the same with me and project arms...after the 1st episode,i got pissed off,cos its so disappointing :/ i need the loo...

well,i added my own input,as the song was fu...i mean,freaking horrible,so i had to tell the stupid bast...i mean idiots when to come in,timing etc,and all of a sudden,its a masterpiece lol and when my friend said "Kwenza! thanks dude! you're a genius!!" i stood like man,winked,and said in a cool deep MAN voice "It's cos i'm a rapper!"  then some stupid kid started imitating my pose,and made me look stupid lol i just wanted to die...

there's a girl there who is like 4 years younger than me,but has feet that make me look 3 years old lol she scares me like 100 % lol

i'm having my friend email me some beats and stuff,so im pretty keen. I'll start writing properly during the vacation :)

and well done on handing in the report! gold star! (even though you're 599,you're still like 3 foot 1,so you'relike a kid) :p

hav a fantastic day. hope you slept well :)

P & B...

Aug 11, 2010