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AnimalSoldier May 8, 2011

Yoooo!!!!!! Its about time you replied. I was really worried over here,and with other way of comunicating with you,and confirming it myself,i had to leave a comment. When i was asking if you were alive,i was actually being sincere lol why have you been so busy? You remember my name right? Lol my email Just replace all them lines with my 1st name,which i have told you,andwe can communicate that way. U kno i missed ya right? Peace and blessings. :)

AnimalSoldier Dec 6, 2010

....? you still alive? its been a while,just chcking if you're good. hope you're good. :)

lonewolftheblack Nov 29, 2010

if your still looking for s-CRY-ed you can't go wronge with either eubbed or dudded. its one of the few really good dubs out their

AnimalSoldier Aug 24, 2010

hello. howa things?

im on vacation,so i got time...while all my friends have gone on holiday and shit,im just gaming and watching anime lol just finished watching capeta. It was good,though too short.

and you? wats up? hows work and class and wat not? hopefully its all good.

Im also in the process of writing a new song. I finally got to writing 2 the battlecry (samurai champloo opening) instrumental,so hopefully its good.

anyway,hope you're good.

P & B...

AnimalSoldier Aug 20, 2010

hello. howa you? howa things?

you had a good week so far? hopefully not :p then atleast i wont be alone :p

i see you're watching blood+ huh? i found it to be horible! i like Diva more than Saya,and you cant watch something if you hate the protagonist...ugh...

watch berserk...its pretty cool...nice,and since im on vacation,i got time to watch some anime.

hows work? how are the weirdos treating you? fallen in love with one yet?

hope you're ok

P & B..