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AnimalSoldier says...

ha! excuuuse me,but I am the very essence...of :D and I love pink lol my gmail theme is candy...

yeah,well i dont want you there anymore :p I decided that along with my evil children,all i need is all the cheddar cheese in the world! then you wont have to pretend :p muuhahahahahahuahahauahuasasahsdjabuyasa!! -hack- -cough- -hairball-

aaaahhhh,i seee....I get a discount at Nike...only cos i love Nike...and purposely befriended those bastards,in order to get the discount and special preference XD lol soo you gonna carry on your with your job at the non profit place? Thats nice to hear :)

Oh! and that concert sounds like it mustv been cool...Im jealous :'( I've started writing sum new lyrics,hopefully I churn summing good...I gotta,cos I got a comp coming up soon,and everyone keeps pressuring me lol I wont even earn any money...

How'd you sleep??

May 30, 2010
HikaruTenshi says...

Hmmm... the ones that stayed behind to hang out with me are... (The others went on a journey and said they would come visit when they can)

Ichigo, Hitsugaya, Natsu, Gray, Gintoki, Sougou, Hijikata, Italy, Germany, Tsuna and the gang, Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi, Kiba, Kakashi, Pain, and Takanashi, Satou, and Souma.

They are the ones hanging out with me for now. ^_^ Omnomnomnom.


May 30, 2010
Aitheria says...

Hey, :)

Thanks for the info about Kiba. I didn't really expect it to be an action anime, more of adventure based (maybe?) but I hope it is still good. I'm trying to decide what anime to watch next. Anyway, I really like your avatar and signiture. Is that Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist in your sig? What anime/manga is your avatar from? Did you make it yourself?


May 29, 2010
HikaruTenshi says...

Very cool. ^_^

You are welcome. ^_^


May 29, 2010
AnimalSoldier says...

lol yeah, you do that :p remember it indeed...

there's no way you could tear us eldest bro has 2 kids as well...they soo cute!! i love babies!! (i dont seem all that manly anymore,now do i?) lol

Excalibur is probably the most powerful weapon...its just that he's sooo annoying lol i loved ho,when the times changed,so did his hair and facial hair :D medusa kinda freaks me out though lol

And i think the first 1 was bout anime...the 2nd one certainly was lol and yeah,we are influencing each others dreams...either thats a good thing,or a really bad thing lol if its good,it means we got a connection...if its bad...well lol it means that our plan to take over the world with my army of children wont exacttly work lol

Last day huh? congrats :D but hold up!! dont you work for a non profit,AA old people spongebath place?? watcha doing working at Puma??

Enjoy your last day. Ima get me some shut eye...Have a great day :D 

May 29, 2010