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Soul Eater

Feb 19, 2010

Let me start with a forewarning : I am a BIG Soul Eater fan!

But i will try to be objective here... ;)

STORY: i gave it an 8 because i enjoyed it but i don't think it was the most original story out there. Group of kids fighting against the bad guys to save the day...however there is a lot of action. and i think good action at that..but if you are into the gore stuff than you might not find enough blood here. 

ANIMATION: it's bizarre. I think that sums it up:P 

SOUND: i think music played a big part in this anime. It was well matched with the anime. It rocked you through the action and when necessary the music matched the drama parts. Also if you liked the music you should check out the Characters' soundtracks :)

CHARACTERS: one of the very very few anime that i've seen so far where i liked all characters, whether they were the bad or the good guys. The characters all fit into the story and really every character was an individual of its own. Especially the main characters. Each one had a different personality but put together they made up for each others' shortcomings. You get to know he characters as you watch the anime, little background info is given. 

OVERALL: i gave it a 9.7 because i thought the story was a bit lacking. The ending was definitely open with a lot of things left for a continuation (which i hope for) but the humor, the characters, and the music made up for the not so innovative plot and made this anime extremely enjoyable IN MY OPINION.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.3/10 overall
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thegreatmajeni Apr 13, 2010

Totally agree, awesome review.