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These are new times...


Today I woke up to find something extraordinary: Anime-Planet badges.

"Wuuut this is 'WIN'," exclaimed I, while rolling out of bed.

Now I feel the need to "catch them all".

I haven't posted a blog in a while. Mainly because of schooling. Then again, it's not like I spend most of my time on campus. It's just that when I'm not at school, I'm getting my anime on ^_^. I am watching most of the currently airing shows. I can't think of the few exceptions, except for that Panty and Stocking show (srsly? chii knows). It's been a couple weeks for this season's shows, so I may post my thoughts on each so far. Well, the ones I am watching anyway (goes without saying... except for just now).

I also haven't been on the IRC channel (A-P's and ISSUP). Why you may ask? Answer: Dunno. Srsly. I'm sure I'll remedy this soon enough, as one should.

As of today, I will probably do a couple blog posts a week. Well, if I have something to blog about. It wouldn't be worth it otherwise. Unless any of you reading this would like to read the ramblings of a guy who is not-quite-insane (me lulz). Yes, not quite insane which means I'M NOT INSANE DAMN IT.

- m1k3209

Addendum: I am quite the lazy person... back to watching animu :3

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