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I have recently watched

26 JUL

all three of Kyoto Animation's adapations of Key's visual novel games and this is the order I like them.

1. Clannad

2. Kanon

3. Air

And here are my favorite girls from these shows.

Clannad: Tomoyo (and Fuuko)

Kanon: Ayu

Air: Meh lol

I wasn't really into Air. It isn't bad, but the story is a bit strange. Kanon starts out normally enough, but there are a lot of surprises and strange things occurring. Then Clannad, along with Clannad After Story, is awesome and has a number of likable characters. It has funny parts and a couple parts (mainly in After Story) where it gets really emotional. I personally did not cry, but I did well up a bit (I think anyone would).

So yeah, check them out if you'd like. They're all love stories with comedy and emotional parts.

(Not very in-depth, I know. I'm not reviewing them. I mostly just wanted to say I like Tomoyo, but added more ^^ )

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Harbin avatar Harbin
Aug 10, 2010

Mai from Kanon = :D

Ayu = nagisa = kill me now

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