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Watching anime is something I like to do in my spare time, I also like to read some manga sometimes.

My favorite anime include,

And favorite manga

I have a thing for a flowing and immersive storyline and badass characters.  ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

Other things I like to do include reading books, drawing, writing and watching films and tv series. I basicly read or watch any genre but I prefer fantasy and sci-fi stories.

Feel free to drop a comment if you want to talk or anything.




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XxZeroeZxX says...

Rianne ^_^

How r u my friend? :)

It's been much too long *hug*

Oct 28, 2015
AnimeOtaku13 says...

Sorry for the late response ^^;

Augh XD I will! I will catch up eventually. Both Merlin and Doctor Who! Bless Netflix for having the series. 

Ok, I'll be sure to remember :) Hope you're doing well.

Oct 16, 2015
SonnyIgor says...

Hey there, how are you going? :)

I like your profile picture! Which animes have you watched recently that you like? :3

Oct 11, 2015
Transporter says...

Kuroko no Basket and Haikyuu are not just sport anime. They have a fantastic story and animationd and very good made characters :)

I see.. my cousin also recommended it to me, so I think I have to give a look at it, thanks! ^^ .. I've seen some little parts of The Big Bang Theory, and it looks really funny :D

Not particularly, but I like them anyway! Thanks for the recommendation again and for your kindness ^^

Oct 3, 2015
AnimeOtaku13 says...

Ah, hey there :D

Yes I indeed follow you ^^ This may sound a bit weird, but you sounded really cool so, yeah that's why I followed you XD I thank you for following me back as well :)

I'm doing pretty well. And youself? 

Mhmm, that's one of the reasons I did follow you, though I haven't seen those shows in a while sadly. I only got up to season 6 of Doctor Who and Season 3 of Merlin, both a long time ago. They are indeed in for a rewatching eventually. And yes, of course for the anime~See you later.

Oct 2, 2015