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manga's that i own and want to have in the near future

15 JUL

woot just got a lot of new manga :D and got s subscribution for some time now :D

manga that i own:


pocket 1

pocket 2

pocket 3


pocket 1

pocket 27

Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion

pocket 1

Lucky Star

pocket 1

pocket 7


pocket 1

pocket 2

Fullmetal Alchemist (its shiny *-* :3)

pocket 3

DN Angel

pocket 1

Dragonbal Z

pocket 1

manga that i stil want to buy

(in order)


Future Diary

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya


and got a book about hack//gu i believe its just after the anime stopped :3 still have to read it so once i do i can tell for sure :3 (stil part one and there are stil atleast 3 otter books out there considering i saw 4 to XD

and now to my subscriptions:

got aniway atm get it 4 times a year got 2 already 20 and 21 :3

and got my first ever shonen jump lol can't get a subscription here so have to but the parts in the store

i believe its the newest one ;p

volume 8 issue 10

i will post some picture's later once i got my camera working lol if that does not work i am gonna steal a fhone some where and make some pictures whit that XD

and got them all yesterday :3 (the new ones atleast lol) and got them from a shop i found in nijmegen called senor hernandez

http://www.senorhernandez.com/ (link to the site)

the got a really nice load of manga there :3 so the will see me more often XD


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